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Instruction To Customer In Wales: Speak English Or Get Out!

Given my recent posts on the issue of linguistic and cultural discrimination here in Ireland, this report from WalesOnline hardly needs comment:

“A customer who placed an order in Welsh at a Starbucks was told to “speak English or get out”, it has been claimed.

Welsh classical soprano Gwawr Edwards, from Aberystwyth , said the reaction from a member of staff when another customer ordered in Welsh was “a disgrace”.

Gwawr took to Twitter to complain about the alleged incident in her hometown.

“It’s a disgrace that the reaction of a staff member in @StarbucksAber to a customer trying to order in their own language was ‘Speak English or get out’.”

Gwawr told the Cambrian News : “I don’t know the person it happened to personally – otherwise I would have made much more of a fuss and taken it on.”

A different Celtic-speaking nation, but the same English-speaking bigotry.


7 comments on “Instruction To Customer In Wales: Speak English Or Get Out!

  1. Isn’t it enough that Starbucks foists pretentiousness, fauxhipsterism and overpriced consumer goods on consumers? Must its employees be jackasses, as well?


  2. ar an sliabh

    There employees being jackasses pales in comparison to the slave labour that harvests their coffee. Similar to Apple, the lofty hipsterism, political engagement, etc… only applies to what furthers the bottom line. How many people are exploited, tortured, or even killed under the worst of the worst conditions is immaterial. Just like any other ‘meirican business, money talks, bullshit walks.


  3. ar an sliabh

    That was meant to be “Their,” of course. Darn auto-correct.


  4. Derek Ó H

    I was at the Conradh na Gaeilge Ard-Fheis in Dublin Castle this year and witnessed a woman leaving her coat at the cloak room and being told ‘Speak English!’ by the attendant. The attendant appeared to be a non-Irish National but she was certainly not going to politely explain that she didn’t speak Irish. You’d think the organisers on both sides might have flagged and prepared for this as the booking would have been placed a long time in advance. It was quite rude considering the event was an Irish-language event being addressed by Uachtarán na hÉireann.


  5. This just proves that you can’t have equality between languages if most of the population don’t speak both.

    (And where’s TurboFurbo with his opinions that you can be 100% true Irish if you speak only English and that this behaviour is totally acceptable?)


  6. TurboFurbo

    Jānizi :

    Wrong – again.
    Most Finns do not speak Swedish – but Swedish is an official language in Finland and has equal status to Finnish.
    You yourself have confirmed that language does not equate to nationality – in your constant efforts to denigrate the Irish nation you continue to contradict yourself on a regular basis.

    You should not allow your bitterness to expose your blind hatred for Ireland and the Irish nation.
    Your blind hatred for several other nations has been well noted too.

    Hate-filled Latvians like you should learn from history and to what happens when blind hate trumps humanity :

    Shameful that cowardly Latvia surrendered without even putting up a fight when the Soviets knocked on the door – but instead took up weapons and collaborated with the Nazi’s in the murder of thousands of their innocent fellow Latvian civilians in WW2.

    Utterly and eternally shameful.


  7. Story complete nonsense.
    Ms Edwards wasn’t there when it didn’t happen, no one knows who the victim is, Starbucks Aber has many Welsh-speaking staff.
    Cambrian News didn’t do any fact-checking (just went off a Twitter comment), and everyone chose to believe it because it pandered to their anti-American, paranoid pro-Welsh agenda.
    A great example of how journalism works.


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