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All Hail Our New Fine Fáil Overlords! All Hail The Continuity State!

Fine Fáil, the Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil alliance

I abase myself before the might of the Establishment! From the Guardian:

“Enda Kenny has been re-elected as prime minister of Ireland after 10 weeks of deadlock that followed an inconclusive general election in February.

Kenny is the first Fine Gael PM to win re-election in Irish history, though his triumph is marred by a minority administration that is propped up by independent MPs and, more crucially, by Fianna Fáil.

The party, which will remain on the opposition benches, has agreed to support the Fine Gael government for a period of two years in an unprecedented political ceasefire between the rivals.”

6 comments on “All Hail Our New Fine Fáil Overlords! All Hail The Continuity State!

  1. Jānis

    Still salty because Sinn Fein didn’t get the power?


    • SF were never going to “get the power” in the general election and I said so. The best they could hope for was 20+ TDanna, which they got. Though they have now got better than that: FG government with FF support. Happy days for SF and the broad Left as they take over the mantle of Opposition.


  2. Graham Ennis

    So, back to the politics of the past….which is also now the future!!. I am reminded of the shenanigans when FF won an election, and turned up at the Dail the first day, with a heavy machine gun and crew covering the main entrance, if there should be no peaceable hand over of power. Now, not a whimper from them. Sad. Very sad. But SF will now grow, in opposition, as the Incumbants will make an even bigger mess of things, and it will all end in tears.


    • I’ve seen a few, notably Eoghan Harris and Slugger O’Toole, claiming that SF cannot claim the mantle of Opposition, with FF doing the one-foot-in, the one-foot-out thing. Nonsense of course. FF has left itself wide open to criticism. SF and the Left will reap the awards of that.


  3. ar an sliabh

    It’s a fine gael fail (as bearla).


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