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Jeremy Corbyn’s Vice News Documentary

The left-wing British politician, Jeremy Corbyn, recently gave Vice News behind the scenes access to his embattled leadership of the UK Labour Party. In a country which leans broadly to the right (thanks to the domination of the Greater England component) Corbyn has become something of a hate-figure among the metropolitan elites, even within his own parliamentary party. Not to mention supposedly Labour-sympathising sections of the press. His besieged predicament is reflected in several comments featured in the short documentary. I suspect most Irish people class him – and some of his closest allies – among the good guys, over yonder.

3 comments on “Jeremy Corbyn’s Vice News Documentary

  1. Jeremy Corbyn : A friend of Ireland? Certainly. A friend of Scotland? Certainly not.


  2. Lord of Mirkwood

    The UK media has been crucifying Corbyn and his wing of Labour for a video put up on some campaign website recently. It features Corbyn supporters dismissing the right-wing media’s claims of anti-Semitism in the party. They do it in a very decisive and visceral way (by throwing a paper with the question “What about the anti-Semitism?” in the trash.) The media screamed about it, claiming this was yet another sign of Corbyn being equivalent to a Nazi or Communist dictator.

    They’ve being going after this line of attack ever since Corbyn became party leader (and even before, actually). Look at what they did to Ken Livingstone. Right-wingers in the United States do the same thing. They also turn these disgusting lies on the entire Irish people, as you’ve written about. For me, it’s a sign that they’re losing the argument.


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