Erdoğan To Emerge From Turkey’s Failed Military Coup Stronger Than Ever

The apocryphal Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times“, springs to mind when reviewing the turbulent events of the last week. From the improvised violence of a lone terrorist inspired by an aberrant form of radical Islam to the planned overthrow of an authoritarian, Islamist-leaning government by supposedly secularist militarists, Europe – in its broadest sense – seems to be lurching from one crisis to the next. The failure of the would-be coup in Turkey may well lead to the very thing the generals claimed they were opposing. The transformation of the Turkish Republic into a quasi-Islamist dictatorship under the iron grip of president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his ruling AKP party seems closer than ever. While one can dismiss the allegations that the authorities in Ankara sought and encouraged the coup, the possibility remains that some senior officials were aware of the plotting and chose not to intervene before the conspiracy reached fruition for their own selfish reasons. Given the news that hundreds of law officials, including several leading judges, have now been sacked from their jobs by Erdoğan it is not difficult to discern the future shape of the country’s precarious democracy. In the increasingly Machiavellian world of contemporary Turkish politics almost anything seems possible.

Interesting times indeed.



  1. At least the ´threat´ that Turkey would soon join the EU leading to a flood of immigrants to the UK, (unlikely as that was in any case) is now well and truly removed.

    1. What “threat”? Germany vetoed Turkey’s entrance into the EU in the early 90s. Everything since then has been Kabuki. Which is why I had to laugh when Merkel tried threatening Turkey that if they re-introduced the death penalty it would have negative consequences for their entry. What “entry”?

  2. And I used to think Turkey was one of the few parts of the Middle East that hadn’t gone completely crazy. Oh well.

    1. If you can believe anything you see on YouTube, Turkey has had quite a few military coups over the years, usually to check religious tending governments. In the past though they all seem to have been successful, leading to a few years with a general as president before the civilians are trusted to take over again. This time however the military have been defeated and support for the Islamic-ish government strengthened. However with the military purged of many capable officers the state may be less able to contain the Kurds and other rebellious minorities, or so it is said.

  3. Too bad the coup failed. Erdogan is a thin skinned islamist dictator who ushered tens of thousands of jihadis through his country to destroy Syria. He is a lunatic who openly speaks of islamising Europe and bringing back the Caliphate and Ottoman empire. The world and Turkey would be best without him.

    1. So you only allow democracy when it delivers the results you approve of? And when it doesn’t you can have dictatorship, so long as they are implementing policies you approve of?

      Here’s a mirror for you to ponder yourself.

      1. Hitler was elected too. If you don’t see that Erdogan is a dangerous lunatic who is destabilising the world i don’t know how to help you.

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