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The Sci-Fi Typography Of Stranger Things And Blade Runner

Watching Netflix’s nostalgic science-fiction drama, “Stranger Things”, I was struck by the accuracy of the show’s 1980s setting. While quite reminiscent of the 2011 movie “Super 8”, J.J. Abrams’ cinematic homage to the early films of Stephen Spielberg, the television series has been far more ambitious in scope, drawing upon a host of genre influences from the Cold War era. Even the opening and closing titles are pure ’80s, complete with Giorgio Moroder-style score, and set the scene for what follows. That reminded me of this excellent article on the typography and design of Ridley Scott’s classic SF thriller, “Blade Runner”, from the blog, Typeset in the Future. It is a recommended read if you have any interest in the meeting of graphic design, cinema and futurism.

Meanwhile, a supercut of references to films of the 1970s and ’80s in the TV series, “Stranger Things”, to entertain you.


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