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That Hillary Clinton Collapse In New York City

It was a disastrous weekend for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee to the White House, as she visibly fell ill at a major 9/11 memorial event in New York City. Her team’s admission that she has pneumonia, an entirely common thing in an arduous presidential campaign, will only add more fuel to the spurious rumours about her supposed health issues. No smoke without fire and all that. They may be untrue, and we are discussing a sixty-eight year old individual here, but by Christ it looks bad. Upon such small twists of fate do nations turn and empires collapse. Pray to whatever gods you pray to that Donald Trump stays true to form in the next week or so and quickly disgusts half the American population with some racist or sexist remark!

26 comments on “That Hillary Clinton Collapse In New York City

  1. the Phoenix

    Psychopaths have limitless energy and ambition and often don’t react to pain. They crave money and power til their dying day full of spite and contempt for others to their last breath. Hillary has been seriously ill for 7 years. She has been good at hiding it until now. Secret service didn’t hide her from view fast enough here. Note this video was made by a private citizen. News sites for sure recorded this incident but tried to cover it up. Hopefully Trump keeps going and Hillary gets sicker. Millions of lives will be saved if Killary is kept out of the White House.

    • Ah now, Hillary is no psychopath. That is a bit unfair. I agree with all the criticisms on the Clintons’ obvious troubles with privilege and power – and money – not to mention her hawkish inclinations. Yeah, she is way too close to Wall Street and the Pentagon contractors. But between the devil we know and the devil who is off his rocker, I’ll take Hillary any day of the week. What possible benefit to the US would be a Trump presidency?

      • the Phoenix

        Hillary has wanted to be president all her life even pursuing that goal at the expense of her life. Psychopathic behaviour.
        I will give you just one way Trump would be beneficial. He takes the threat of moslem fascism seriously and will do something about it. Hillary refers to moslem fascist attacks as tragedies and refers to the misogynist hate filled islamis death cult as a ‘religion of peace.’ She is a fool of the highest order at a time when islamic fascism is on the rise. At least Trump admits it exists.

  2. Trump isn’t very healthy either. (He looks obese) And he’s even older than Hillary.

    Isn’t it odd that two not very healthy people who are past the retirement age are competing for one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Couldn’t the Americans really find anyone who’s better? If she can’t handle hot weather – how are she going to handle a 9/11 level terrorist attack?

    • Look at how Obama has aged over the last eight years. Its incredible.

      • And now imagine if Bernie was elected. He’d be 83 years old at the end of his 2nd term if reelected. Geriatric leaders don’t usually lead democratic countries. They’re usually dictators that cling to power till they’re dead, because losing power would usually mean losing their freedom or even their life.

        Both Hillary and Trump know that this is their last chance to become the President.

        In the USSR there was a joke that in the Russian Empire power was transferred from father to son, but in the USSR it was transferred from grandpa to grandpa. The current situation in the USA reminds me of that.

  3. This was my FB response.
    “Re: Hillary Clinton being compared to “a side of beef”.The “side of beef” comparison shows up first in The Daily Beast and is attributed to a ” senior law enforcement official.” (It’s telling that only the most bottom-grazing alt right sites used that quote.)

    First of all, sod off, “senior law enforcement official” for comparing her to a side of beef. You’re an ass.

    Second of all, sod off any media outlet that used that puerile comparison as a valid description of what happened.
    Principled disagreements with HRC- and god knows, I got ’em- will not ever prevent me for espying and calling out misogyny. Furthermore, I have an 83-year old mother and several elder friends whom I love and prize dearly. Watching her stumble as she gets into the car makes me think of them and the frailty of the human body under duress.

    Anyone who sees that and responds with contempt has a big problem that goes way beyond this troubled election cycle.

    • Agree with that. Personally, I think there is a great deal of misogyny driving the obsession about Clinton’s health. Not to mention unseemly speculation about her mental health. It’s also a sort of preemptive delegitimisation of her presidency. We’ve had the Birthers now we’ll have the Healthers. By the way, in a related note, Rudy Giuliani is absolute pig of man. Just a vile human being.

  4. Lord of Mirkwood

    @The Phoenix

    Easy for you to pontificate about Hillary’s imperfections. I know because I spent the Democratic primary season doing the same, in service of Bernie Sanders. At close range, though, the prospect of Trump getting in the White House is terrifying. Unless I can scrape up the resources to come to Ireland, I am going to have to live with the consequences.

    Trump is truly a maniac. Some suspect he is actually mentally deranged. On top of that, he is a veritable Nazi with the backing of the Ku Klux Klan, pledged to ethnic cleansing. Now, in case you didn’t know, let me enlighten you as to one power possessed by the U.S. President. If that Hitlerian psychopath gets into the White House, he will have total control over 1,750 ACTIVE NUCLEAR WARHEADS. With a combination of racism, narcissism and straight-out derangedness, I can see him deciding to level Mexico on a whim. Or China (another nuclear weapons state…I don’t need to go into the possible ramifications…). Or Iran. Or Ireland, for that matter. I’m sure Séamas can provide some information on the Tea Party’s (where much of Trump’s support comes from) anti-Irish undercurrents. And the Trump campaign has been caught with its pants down several times on anti-Catholicism.

    I’m not voting someone like that into office under any circumstances. No fucking way.

    As a side note…

    IF this incident derails Hillary’s candidacy – I am not expecting that it will, but IF – I wonder if the Democratic nomination could shift to the second-place delegate winner: Bernie Sanders. It’s probably unlikely, but a Bernie-bro can dream…

    • Well LOM, it can happen!
      Take the UEFA European Football Championship in 1992, for example. Yugoslavia, who had originally qualified for the finals, was disqualified as a result of the breakup and war in the country.
      Their place was taken by lowly Denmark who went on to win the bloody thing!

      Now if Bernie came in at the last moment and changed everything – what a story that would be!

    • the Phoenix

      Hillary has supported every war the US has been involved in the last 15 years. Look at the state Syria and Libya are in. Hillary wanted a no fly zone in Syria to protect the jihadist on the ground she helped arm. She is a war mongering lunatic. She is probably drawing up a list of countries she will invade.
      Trump has talked of making peace with Russia,being neutral in Palestinian Israeli peace negotiations,he called the iraq war a mistake and WMDs a lie. He is a breath of fresh air compared to the psychotic murdering muslim apologist which is Hillary Clinton.

  5. Lord of Mirkwood


    Particularly apropos, since Bernie uses Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries as role models for America! 🙂

    @the Phoenix

    “Trump has talked of making peace with Russia,being neutral in Palestinian Israeli peace negotiations,he called the iraq war a mistake and WMDs a lie. He is a breath of fresh air compared to the psychotic murdering muslim apologist which is Hillary Clinton.”

    I think you mean Trump has expressed admiration for a right-wing crony capitalist dictator – that being, of course, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The crimes of said dictator include suppressing free speech and political opposition in Russia, the murder of gay people there, invading several other countries (most recently Ukraine), and funneling money to far-right organizations across Europe, such as the Front National in France, to conduct their fascist campaigns.

    As for Israel and Palestine, Trump is an acolyte of Netanyahu. This just in, 11 hours off the presses:

    I am well aware of Mrs. Clinton’s deficiencies and drawbacks. Did I not directly state that I was a diehard Bernie Sanders supporter, and I spent much of the past year criticizing Clinton for her corporate ties, warmongering, flip-flopping, et cetera? To borrow an analogy from another blog I follow, compared to a normal Republican, Clinton is like Tweedledee vis-à-vis Tweedledum. With Trump in the mix, it is Tweedledee vs. Hitler.

    • the Phoenix

      I am no fan of Putin either but i don’t believe in starting a nuclear war over a small worthless piece of territory in Ukraine no sane person would even visit.
      I notice you have nothing good to say about Hitlery. Explain she would be better or less worse than Trump.

      • Lord of Mirkwood

        I think Hillary would be less worse. She has not called for ethnic cleansing or blocking an entire religious group from the country. Her base of support does not come from people who wish the South had won the American Civil War. There is a lot of stuff she has done that I do not agree with, but she seems to think things through before doing them. If I knew that she was in control of the nuclear button as opposed to Trump, I would feel much safer sleeping at night. I do not expect to wake up one morning and find that Hillary has willy-nilly nuked Galway and Dublin.

        I would have preferred to see Bernie Sanders become our next President. But, barring some crazy outcome of this fainting episode, that ship has sailed. Bernie himself has thrown his energy into electing down-ballot progressive Democratic candidates. Get Sanders Democrats onto school boards, local government, state legislatures, and Congress. Even if Hillary isn’t the ideal candidate, ordinary Democrats are moving more and more in a Bernie policy direction. The party platform this year is the most left-wing since at least FDR. Perhaps the rest of the party will be able to push Hillary more to the left during her time in office. And in 2020 or 2024, maybe we can run a social-democratic candidate.

        So, the candidate isn’t the person I wanted, but vote for a party with a huge, burgeoning, young, and vibrant progressive movement, with at least a sane person at the head, or vote for a Nazi? All I have to influence the matter is my one vote. I intend to use it responsibly.

        • I have to agree. Clinton is very definitely the best of a bad lot but Trump is very definitely the worse. A pity we didn’t have Bernie Sanders or even Joe Biden up against the Manhattan buffoon. On election day Biden would just stomp all over Trump and straight into the Oval Office.

        • the Phoenix

          Hyperbolic nonsense. When has Trump called for ethnic cleansing? Trump nuking Ireland? Don’t be silly. You are buying into the mainstream media campaign against Trump. The Military Industrial Complex is conspiring against Trump.
          Hillary supported the murderous disastrous war in Iraq. She is a war mongering lunatic. Millions will die if she becomes president. Hopefully whatever diseases are infesting her finish her off first.

          • Lord of Mirkwood

            Trump has called for the deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants, overwhelmingly from Latin America. We know his motives for this are racist because he has talked about Mexicans being killers and rapists. It is also not impossible that if this goes through, the children of these immigrants (U.S. citizens) could get caught up in the dragnet. These people, including American citizens, would thus be targeted for their ethnicity. I call that ethnic cleansing.

            As for Iraq, not one day ago, Trump picked James Woolsey, a neoconservative ex-CIA director who was an epic Iraq hawk, as a top security adviser.

            I seriously think that Trump’s finger on the nuclear button is a dangerous proposition. In fact, I was talking to an Irish person a few months ago and she said pretty much exactly that. We know that Trump is possibly mentally unstable, and we know that his campaign has some anti-Catholic undertones, and we also know that the Tea Party has got some anti-Irish elements to it. Séamas has written some stuff on that. So, if I lived in Ireland, I would not sleep well knowing that Trump was the U.S. President.

            I’m assuming you’re Irish (as in, living in Ireland). If so, you’re at a bit of a remove. I have to listen to Trump open his buffoonish mouth every day. Usually, what comes out not just buffoonish, but Hitlerian.

            You can know a candidate by his base of support as well. 76% of Trump people support a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. 60% have an unfavorable view of the religion in general. 40% believe that black people are lazier and more violent/crime-prone than whites. Two-thirds believe Barack Obama was not born in the United States. 38% of those in South Carolina wish that the South had won the Civil War. Do you know what that entails? It means that slavery would still be a thing. Pro-democracy movements in Europe, including in Ireland, may well have been stunted or crippled by the fall of the American republic.

            As I already said, I’ve got one vote and I’ve got to be responsible from it. I was crazy mad when Bernie lost the primary. Then I decided I had to grow up and act like I was at least a tad more than five years old. Hillary isn’t the candidate I wanted, but she is not Donald Trump.

            • the Phoenix

              All countries have the right to deport people on their soil illegally and all countries do it. I find it insane America has at least 11 million people living in the country illegally. These people are from all over the world and especially since 2008 many are Irish so it is not ethnic cleansing.
              I myself have a negative view of islam. I tend to not take kindly to religions that want me dead. Call me crazy☺
              Remember the state Iraq,Syria and Libya are in is the fault of Hillary’s wars. Not to mention the millions of refugees flooding Europe and the violence they have brought with them.
              I was supporting Bernie Sanders too. I was hoping Sanders would destroy the democrat party like Trump destroyed the GOP. Didn’t happen. The old fascist establishment of the entitled Clintons hung onto power.
              Btw,as many as 22 % Bernie Sanders supporters have said they will vote for Trump.

            • the Phoenix

              Trump is inarticulate. His rapist and killer comments have been blown out of proportion. He meant some illegals are committing crime. Which is true. And they should be deported.
              As for moslems,it is an insane supremacist ideology that brings bloodshed everywhere it goes.
              It makes sense banning people from jihadist states. How many immigrants did allied countries take in from axis powers in WW2?

              • Lord of Mirkwood

                The refugees coming to Europe and America are FLEEING people like ISIS. Blaming them for jihadism is like blaming Jewish refugees for Nazi violence.

                Most Muslims are not like the Saudis, Al Qaeda or ISIS. I understand the temptation to tar all of them with the same brush. But the ultraconservatives are just that – ultraconservatives.

                As for the 11 million undocumented immigrants, most want to come here just to get a job. They actually want to be American. I’ll bet people like Trump wouldn’t want to take the essential but not-pretty jobs they have.

              • Exactly! Most refugees are fleeing ISIS not bring it with them.

  6. the Phoenix

    The Paris attacks in November and several attacks in July in Germany were carried out by refugees. 3 more refugees were arrested for supporting isis in Germany yesterday. There thousands of jihadists amongst the refugees. Just look at how jihadist attacks have skyrocketed in Europe. They are now an almost daily occurance. Not to mention thousands of cases of rape,robbery and assault across Europe. Driving through Calais has become suicidal. The media are covering up many more jihadist attacks. Trump has the right idea. The allies didn’t take in millions of German military age male during WW2. It is lunacy.

  7. the Phoenix

    ASF,Hillary voted for the war in Iraq,she destroyed Libya,she helped arm jihadists in Syria and wanted a no fly zone in Syria to protect jihadists on the ground. Hillary supported the jihadist takeover of Syria. Hillary has the blood of millions on her hands,including hundreds in Europe. And she will kill millions more if she is elected.

  8. the Phoenix

    Hey ASF,go read the recently leaked Colin Powell emails regarding Hillary. These emails are from Hillary supporters. Hillary is described as greedy,ambitious,can’t walk up a few steps,hates Obama,calls him “that man,”says she never got over losing to him in 2008 and is jealous of him. Have a read and tell me how great she is. Much like her health problems he personality problems have gone from conspiracy theory to fact.

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