If you know any serious Star Wars fanboys or -girls the first three minutes of this Half in the Bag review of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is the funniest thing you will have seen in quite a while. Long story short, the new movie merely rates as passable. I will be going to see this over the weekend. Thankfully I will be spared Daisy Ridley’s incredibly grating British accent which pretty much ruined “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (aside from the script, dialogue and acting).

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  1. Won;t you be subjected to the lead’s similarly British accent? I feel like Star Wars films are now redoubling on themselves to take pains to eradicate this idea that the British are the Empire, which was hinted at in A New Hope, but of course not taken seriously as we had Obi Wan Kinobi as British, but still, it’s as if I’m watching not so much a diversive cast as a reactive cast in these films at times, whereas with Lucas I’m watching something which is at least his own vision and not something by committee. But I still want to see Rogue One for some reason. Hope you find something to enjoy, I’m keeping an pen mind too, but we’ll see. I think the mythology influence is waning and waning.


    • Yes, but I’m hoping her’s is not as bad. There was something about the other one’s voice which just made me grind my teeth in the cinema.

      Yeah, there is a certain bottom of the barrel feel to Star Wars these days (c.f. the Tolkien enterprise). Very little originality, retreads of the old stuff even when they veer off into something supposedly new. In any case, the science in the sci-fi was always pretty dodgy with Lucas and company. Actually it was just TOO fantastical for my tastes once I got into my late teens and realised you can’t actually dodge a laser bolt firing at the speed of light because, y’know, it’s the speed of light 😉


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