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The Nerd Crew – A Pop Culture Podcast By Red Letter Media

If you have ever listened to or watched a geek-focused podcast (and I have experienced far too many of both) then enjoy this fantastic parody of the medium from the movie review guys at Red Letter Media. It includes a frighteningly accurate discussion about machine classifications in the Star Wars film franchise – and how they enhance the “mythos” –  plus a thank you to the podcast’s sponsor, “Geek Crate”, a supplier of cheap plastic merchandise in expensive wooden crates. Which is literally a thing. I wonder how long it will be before the lawyers get onto this one?

3 comments on “The Nerd Crew – A Pop Culture Podcast By Red Letter Media

  1. “This film won’t be forgotten for the next fifty, maybe one hundred thousand years”

    I listen to a lot of the Incomparable podcasts and I really like them but there is an hint of people dragged in who are known or not for er… having…er… podcasts!


    • Yep. I listen to quite a few myself, especially when working. But you come across the odd ones where the episode falls exactly into the stereotype lampooned by the Red Letter guys. I don’t think I’ll be able to listen to such ones again! 😉


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