Donald Trump, The Creepy Uncle Sam

This seems appropriate enough for the day that’s in it. British ska-pop giants Madness and their 1985 release, Uncle Sam, from the album, Mad Not Mad. A question we will all be asking ourselves over the next four years or so. And perhaps longer…




  1. A great day for America and everyone else. It’s a new Don. Trump will be a great president. He will undo the damage done by the feckless,useless Obama. People don’t realise how close we came to disaster with the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency. The nightmare scenario of Hillary and her wars has been avoided. Trump has literally saved the world. MAGA!

    1. I’m no fan of Obama’s foreign policy, but to call him feckless as you laud a man who acts like a psychotic ten year old school bully, who’s got every characteristic and impulse of the worst kind of unionist, you can’t be the full shilling yourself. Everything about the man is opposite to everything Irish Republicans are supposed to hold dear. Think you should look up the Dunning Kruger effect and wise up, mate. You haven’t a notion.

      1. I totally disagree. Irish republicans believe in political and economic sovereignty for all nations and so does Trump. You think Hillary with her neo imperialist wars in any way is close to what republicans believe in?

    2. I would concur that it was a relief that certain peoples across the world will be spared Hillarys plots. However I sincerely hope Trump does what he says he does and puts a halt to US foreign policy of late I.e wars camouflaged by ‘humanitarian intervention’ etc. Let individual nations look after their individual interests. Btw, I heard a commentator state that Obama deported more illegal immigrants than any previous president although you wouldn’t think it if you were listening to all those blinded by his razzmatazz.

  2. I’d like to think that the office of the presidency, with its responsibilities and the men and women who will be there to offer advice and, one images, a calming influence, will have a leveling effect on Trump’s brashness. We shall see what the next four years hold.

    1. Maybe a bit of brashness is what’s needed. The two faced hipocrite Obama let most see what the democrats big objective was. A world run by war criminals. Possibly now more of the same.????.

  3. He will do sweet feck all for Ireland and will take the side of the Brits you can be sure as there are hard days a head, the man is an old fashioned carpet- bagger , as the Historian Eric Foner argues:
    … ”most carpetbaggers probably combine the desire for personal gain with a commitment to taking part in an effort “to substitute the civilization of freedom for that of slavery”.

    1. He’ll take the side of the Brits? And? If you think the Clintons wouldn’t do the same then you have not been paying attention. The Irish need to stop hoping and wishing for some US president to be their saviour and start playing the game I.e lobbying any country or government that is willing to assist the Irish in any way.

        1. And wtf had Clinton backing the peace process got to do with anything? Don’t forget he was very coy about it initially and I would suspect he was lent on by his advisors to play ball. Perhaps they envisaged a favourable response from Irish Americans if he was seen to be on ‘their side’ concerning the Emerald Isle? Politics is never black and white and especially so when it comes to the Clinton cabal. Perhaps the CIA had a vested interest in freeing up British forces for bigger things, instead if them being tied down in Ireland? Well David Ervine said they did.
          The day I hear the Clintons or indeed Obama stating clearly and calling for the unification of my country is the day I’ll believe they are genuine ‘friends’ of Ireland. Simply hoping,wishing or assuming they are ‘friends’ is no good to anybody. Certainly no good to those who want unification. In fact I’ll willingly forsake st.paddy day gatherings in the White House if the exchange was Irish unification. Would our lick spittle politicians do the same?
          Btw, blinding people with celebrity politicians and their fine words alongside the razzmatazz they inject isn’t how I want to teach my children how society should be.

          1. Clinton granted Adams a visa to the US. I’d recommend reading the commentary around that time and the impact that had on the course of events.

            During the Lewinsky testimony there was one incident where Bill is receiving oral gratification from Monica in the oval office. It was 1 am or 2 am, he was chowing down on a slice of pizza and working the phones to Ireland, UK and the north to keep the peace process on the rails.

            A few weeks after having to admit he had lied about not having an affair with Lewinsky he was back in Ireland and the north, working on the peace process.

            Regardless of whatever else one may think of Clinton and his policies, the work he put into the GFA was crucial to its success. Granted he was doing it for the Irish American votes, a lot of whom were Reagan Democrats and could continue being Republicans or be brought back home, so to speak. And legacy, frankly it’s the only good thing he did. Everything else he did has proven to be a disaster for all but the 1%

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