The DUP Vows To Skin The Irish Crocodiles And Turn Them Into Union Jack Handbags

Talking of colonial supremacists, here is Arlene Foster, the beleaguered leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and her latest contribution to cross-community politics and long-term peace in the UK-administered north-east of Ireland, via the BBC:

“The DUP will never agree to an Irish language act, its leader has said.

Arlene Foster said that perhaps there should be a Polish language act instead because more people in Northern Ireland spoke Polish than Irish.

Alluding to Sinn Féin demands, she told a party event: “If you feed a crocodile it will keep coming back for more.””

Arlene Foster, the face of British unionism on this island nation in the 21st century. And the 20th, 19th, 18th, 17th and so on…




  1. Och well, this lot will soon be finished when we Scots wrap up the Union, and send the Butcher’s Apron back to WM.

    Trust she and her ilk will not attempt to flee to Alba.

    Better the lot of them ask for temporary residency rights in some foul Brexit voting dump in England.

    Oh dear, they may be told to get on their Paddy bikes.

    Hell slap it into them.

  2. The DUP never had any intention of an Irish language act. The real question is. Will SF serve under Arlene again when the DUP are inevitably returned as the largest party again.

  3. Foster just told us how they view compromise. Which is how they’ve treated every compromise from Nationalism, as the starting point for the next broken agreement. Look, they pulled the same thing with the ceasefire and negotiations. They reacted the same way when the Irish people amended the constitution to remove the primacy of the Catholic church – which had been a particular gripe of Unionism.

    Look how they behaved in each instance. And compare that to Foster’s statement. She is telling us clearly who they are and how to treat them. It is now time for Nationalism to require actions from Unionism on ALL outstanding agreements before Stormont will be re-established. And a border poll within the next five years.

  4. The FTP WATP DUP is an enclave of Loyalist defiance. Fuelled by a quasi-nuclear core of burning hatred for the Pope, Ireland and Catholics, they constitute a body which has no apparent means to enter into meaningful discourse with anyone who uses reason, intellect, logic or compromise as their primary tools of communication.

    The mere suggestion of accommodation, far less cooperation or integration is invariably met with cries from behind invisible walls of ‘Never, never, never!’

    It is not hard to understand this defiance once it is recognised for what it is – a defence of an identity which is unbreakably welded to hatred as an essential core belief. It’s symbol is a simple orange sash.

    The DUP will not undertake a review of their position as a result of the current dissolution of the NI Assembly and the reasons behind it. As a useful tool of the British Establishment with its sense of entitlement and it’s ruling class mentality, it’s not in their DNA.
    But ‘No Surrender’ is.

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