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Donald Trump Finds His Minister Of Public Enlightenment And Propaganda

Stephen Miller, a senior adviser to the United States president, takes to the Sunday morning television shows in the US to condemn the perceived opponents of the new administration in the judiciary and elsewhere. By all accounts the Californian alt-right convert is a rising star in the Trump White House, despite his controversial reputation.

13 comments on “Donald Trump Finds His Minister Of Public Enlightenment And Propaganda

  1. ar an sliabh

    Well, all of America’s press and politics is full of these shills, regardless of political coviction. They have entered an era of propaganda, misinformation, and targeted violence, previously only seen in pre-WWII Germany and Austria. It is especially disappointing that liberals in America have stooped to the same, sometimes even worse, level of conduct, and are engaging in the very same behaviour they used to condemn. You cannot win this way, they didn’t in Germany at the time either. If they were to present politics of reason in an adult manner, they would have a hard stand, but they would certainly be in a better position to jettison the rex populi moron and his collection of horrific appointees and advisors in 2020. Outright condemnation and expulsion of all people who dare to ever-so-slightly deviate from the adopted, currently quite radical, left dogma, and branding them nazi and racist is only pushing the moderate majority into opposition. Sad times for America. We can learn from that here in Europe, and perhaps prevent the same heartache.

    • But liberals in Germany wilted before the rise of Nazism and the achievement of power in 1933. A more vigorous response might well have done more to warn the world early on of its atrocious nature. Again, I am not comparing Trump to Hitler or even a Mussolini. I still argue that he is a Berlusconi-on-steroids, a certain type of autocratic-nationalist politician that Europeans have seen many times before and with which Americans are not so familiar (at least in terms of the rhetoric).

      If the prime ministers of Italy or Spain behaved in this manner, aside from their domestic populations, opposition and press, most external observers would just smile or throw their eyes to heaven. The recent debacle in the “Winter White House”, with guests of the golf club rubbing shoulders with national security advisers, or taking selfies with the nuclear codes’ bagman, was straight out of the irresponsible, devil-may-care Silvio Berlusconi playbook.

      • ar an sliabh

        I was actually commenting on the mechanisms behind their wilting. I don’t see Trump as Hitler either, perhaps you are right in your comparison, but I don’t want to even give him that much credit (Berlusconi didn’t just get his starting capital handed to him). He is just an incredibly self-centered, attention-seeking, flamboyant Bush Jr. I just don’t want him to stick around for more than one term.

      • the Phoenix

        Berlusconi? Really? What political movement did Berlusconi found? Your bigotry and delusional hatred of Trump has blinded you to the reality of what is happening.

        • Ah now, stop. I’m being nice to him. Berlusconi is a lot better than the Hitler or Mussolini comparisons that have become the norm. He is more Bung-Bunga than Brown Shirt. It’s actually praise. In a sense 😉

  2. This power-tripping little man completely means and believes what he says.
    I really hope my fellow countrymen and women don’t make the mistake of laughing at him for too long. They are poised to seize power, and it remains to be seen how well our judiciary performs to defend the Constitution and the rule of law from these facists or how ungovernable they decide to be.

    Pray for us. We are in big trouble.

    • The Morning Joe reaction was particularly funny, especially after weeks of the two presenters visibly and unashamedly sucking up to the new administration. Have a watch of the full clip below. Now we have Michael Flynn gone, and in pretty bad circumstances. The wheels are coming off the Trump juggernaut damn early 😉

      • the Phoenix

        Nonsense. Morning Joe and everyone else at MSNBC have been attacking Trump and lying about him for 2 years. As have the entire fake news mainstream media. If you’re a fan of progressive American commentors catch Milo Yiannopolous on Bill Maher. It should be on the web by Saturday morning. One coward by the name of Jeremy Scahill has already refused to appear on the show because of Milo. Milo wins again.

        • PJTharsaile

          You get to call Scahill a coward when you’ve reported from and worked in Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan.

          As for lying about Trump: piffle.

        • The Morning Joe duo was so far up his ass before and after the inauguration they sounded like they were living in an echo chamber. It was only when they were rebuffed for some mild criticisms that they went back to the anti-Trump stance. I’ll give you this. Hypocritical media? Morning Joe!

  3. Arrogant little sod, a perfect brown nose

  4. Miller is a hate supremacist also he was a Jeff Session staffer he’s an arrogant little prick that needs to go he has no business what-so-ever representing this country let alone the White House in any shape form or fashion. This is part of tRumps NeoNazi 88 crew that needs to go. This is America not the third reich.

  5. the Phoenix

    Wow! If that’s true the democratic party has imploded and is finished. They’re seriously thinking of making Keith Ellison the chair of their party. He is an antisemite,black seperatist with links to extreme islamists. If that happens Americans will leave the dems in even bigger numbers. I knew Trump would smash the 2 party system that has had a stranglehold on America. Looks like everything is going according to plan.

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