An Sionnach Fionn In The Top Ten Irish Blogs For 2017

A quick post to let you know that An Sionnach Fionn has been ranked Number Four in the updated Top Ten list of Irish blogs by the London-based public relations and communications’ company, Vuelio, whose past clients have included the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Press Association (PA) and Penguin Random House.

Award-winning AN SIONNACH FIONN (ASF) is an Irish Republican news and opinion blog which delivers commentary on politics, culture, history, national and international news stories. Since being launched in 2011, ASF has become an influential Irish outlet, focusing on focal points in current affairs, such as talk of a reunited Ireland, the politics of Brexit Britain, and other issues and news that affect the socio-economic environment in Ireland.

As always I must thank the many readers and followers of ASF for the support they have given the website over the last several years. Any recognition received is down to your help, from thoughtful commenting and story suggestions to sharing articles and posts on your social media profiles. Go raibh maith agaibh, a chairde!



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