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Bill Clinton’s Remarkable Tribute To Martin McGuinness In Full

The former president of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, joined a host of other national and international dignitaries at the funeral of Martin McGuinness earlier today in Derry. Mourners and crowds numbering in their thousands heard this remarkable speech from the former occupant of the White House where he paid tribute to the late Irish republican leader.

7 comments on “Bill Clinton’s Remarkable Tribute To Martin McGuinness In Full

  1. the Phoenix

    It says all you need to know about Martin j118 McGuinness that a rapist like Bill Clinton praises him at his funeral. A scumbag pays tribute to a scumbag.


  2. the Phoenix

    I remember one time during the ‘peace process’ years Bill Clinton pointed his finger and said the PIRA ‘your day will never come’ or something to that effect. His play on TAL. Says all you need to know about Bill Clinton’s hatred of Irish republicans. Little wonder he loved McGuinness so much.


  3. john maciain

    i am not a clinto supporter but he nailed it. mcguinness worked tirelessly for what he belived. he and the other leaders of the ira made a leap of faith but it was part of a long game strategy which hopefully leads to irish reunification within a decade.


    • the Phoenix

      Their strategy destroyed the most effective guerilla army in the world and re-enforced british rule.


      • Agreed. As someone who grew up on the “loyalist” side of the fence, and was indoctrinated with that nonsense, even I was shocked to see McGuinness shaking hands with the queen. The first thing that popped into my head when I saw that image was “traitor”. It was then that I realised that Ireland is firmly in the palm of the British, the spectacle that is presented to us is a façade masking the true nature of who’s in control. And the Clinton’s are absolute scum.


    • That is how I see it.


  4. James McGettigan

    An effective argument could be made that by projection, as distasteful as it might be to a dedicated paramilitary, the credit for the demise of the armed struggle could go to an increasingly effective British spy network which was effectively calling the shots on both sides towards the end.
    9/11 was the final nail it the coffin, when the US was finally forced to include the IRA and its adversaries as “terrorists” to be treated the same as Al-Qaeda and company. Perhaps the leadership was aware of the futility of the continuance of the “Armalite” and opted instead for the peace of sorts of the “Ballot Box”. The game was up.


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