Donald Trump Pushes NATO Leaders Out Of His Way At A Press Event

Oh, America, what have you done? The preening peacock that is Il Duce pushes Dusko Markovic, the prime minister of Montenegro, to one side as he moves to the front of a group of NATO leaders during a visit to the organisation’s headquarters in Brussels, last Thursday. By a man’s actions shall you know him.




  1. By a man’s actions shall you know him…as a performer.
    And one that’s perfect for this particular job; pretending to be in charge of the USA.

  2. And while we perceive this vista one is compelled to recall that less than two months ago when Trump bombed the Syrian airfield Hillary Clinton supported his bombing but criticised him for informing the Russians before hand.

    Think about that. Hillary Clinton thinks taking steps to avoid bombing Russian soldiers and potentially triggering a shooting war with Russia is a bad thing.

    Makes you wonder which one was the lesser evil all along……

  3. He’s probably never even heard of Montenegro and if he has, he will think it’s some sort of civil rights movement (full of damn Commies!).

      1. I don’t like him as a person. I like the fact he was elected because he talked about issues no other candidate did. Like ending interventionist wars. Sometimes the most flawed leaders are the ones who save us.

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