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Did Dinosaurs Exist? Paleontologist Trevor S Valle Answers The Question

There’s nothing that I enjoy more than a good, swear-filled rant at the idiocy around me. As regular readers may have noticed from time to time. Not only is it good for the soul but one can now justify cursing as a sign of hyper-intelligence (though I wouldn’t lay too much money on the “science” behind the proof). So I greatly enjoyed this clip from a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, featuring paleontologist Trevor S Valle reacting to a shockingly popular YouTube video arguing that dinosaurs never existed. I’m not a great fan of Rogan, who’s not half as clever or funny as he thinks he is, however he does invite a wide range of interesting guests onto his podcasts, which makes for worthwhile viewing or listening. Of course, in this particular case it is somewhat odd to watch the former stand-up and sports’ commentator joining criticism of a conspiracy theory given his previous, very vocal disbelief in the manned Moon landings of 1969-72.

You can watch the full interview with Valle here.

4 comments on “Did Dinosaurs Exist? Paleontologist Trevor S Valle Answers The Question

  1. Rogan’s not the only one who’s not half as clever as he thinks he is.


  2. Funny, coincidentally I happened to catch the episode of Friends where Phoebe expresses disbelief in evolution to Ross. It’s played for laughs and at the end it’s clear she doesn’t care, but… I wondered to myself if that scene would be filmed today in a world where irrationality seems to be much more on the rise.


    • Yeah, apparently the denial of dinosaurs is a “thing”. I knew the Creationist argument but this one seems to go beyond a few Christian fundamentalists. And who knew that there still exists Flat-earthers and that they were so organised?

      It’s become a bloody depressing time to live in.


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