The Greatest Threat To Ireland Is Narco-Terrorism Not Islamic Terrorism

What is the single greatest threat of terrorism for modern Ireland? Is it radicalised Muslim youths declaring loyalty to the Islamic State or al-Qaeda and blowing themselves up with explosive suicide-belts on Grafton Street or mowing down innocent pedestrians on O’Connell Street? Or is it the historical and more familiar fringe of domestic British unionism, of Brexit-emboldened UDA-UFF and UVF gangs detonating car bombs or staging drive-by shootings against nationalist communities, north and south?


TAOISEACH LEO VARADKAR has promised to establish a ‘Cobra’-style committee for Ireland – similar to the UK’s Cobra Committee which deals with terror attacks and other disasters – within fifty days of taking office.

This is a very welcome and timely development given the current terror threat environment.

…there have been a number of very alarming headlines about the potential for mass casualty attacks in our capital city, at Shannon airport and throughout ‘rural Ireland’.  It is crucial now for the government to take a proactive lead in re-booting our response capability and educating the Irish people about the proper context within which to evaluate the risk posed by terrorism.


The greatest threat of actual – not theoretical – terrorism for the citizens of this island nation comes from the utterly ruthless drug-cartels of the Irish underworld. It is the gun-gangs of Dublin, Cork and Limerick, and their offshoots, which carry out the murders and tortures which fill our newspapers and nightly TV news broadcasts. And who do so with little fear of repercussion or intervention by the authorities.

A “Cobra-style” committee might be a good idea. However, its first task should be the elimination of the narco-terrorists who form the Kinahan and Hutch gangs and whose recent disputes have left dead bodies strewn across Western Europe. People are suffering violent deaths in this country almost every other week. But its not radicalised gunmen and bombers inflicting the violence. It is unemployed and unemployable young Irish men abandoned and neglected by their own government and state.

Let us tackle that problem, something we can actually do something constructive about, and put aside worries over violence that has never occurred here, is never likely to occur here, and which we could not forestall even if were to do so.



  1. According to my copy of the “Lost Lives” volume Eddie Fullerton was killed by the U.D.A./U.F.F. and the month following his death the I.R.A. killed a U.D.A. member in Derry who they claimed had planned Mr Fullerton’s murder. One of the guns used in the killing was later used in the U.D.A./U.F.F. killing of four Catholic workmen in Castlerock. That should save you the bother of having to ask Mr Varadkar.

  2. would these be the same Narco terrorists that the provos were training in Columbia?

  3. As usual you are naive and out of touch about islam,Seamy. Islam is the fastest growing religion in Ireland. It is a fascist supremacist death cult which instructs its followers to kill non believers. Ireland is not prepared at all fow an islamofascist attack. Good on Varadkar for being the first to take it seriously. Keep your head up your arse,Seamy.

      1. Not yet,you mean. Just wait. Ireland is a weak target. Most Irish are dangerously naive about islam. Bataclan or Brussels or Nice could have easily been Dublin. Gardai have no clue how to handle this. It is coming. I think it is overdue. One of the London attackers spent time in Ireland. If he was smart he would have carried out his attack in Ireland and shocked the world even more and had a higher death toll. Its coming. Get out your teddies and hashtags,Seamy. The religion of peace is on its way.

  4. It is a fascist supremacist death cult which instructs its followers to kill non believers.
    Could you explain this in more detail please?

  5. Nah, that’s allright. If you can give a synopsis that supports your viewpoint that’d do me.

    1. Look at the news on any given day. Or just keep being blind. Doesn’t matter to me.

    2. Look at the news on any given day. Or just keep being blind. Doesn’t matter to me.

    1. Keep being blind,Bradhar. And get out your hashtags and tricolours for when the religion of peace pays a visit.

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