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The DUP’s Greatest Fear? The Liberal Secularists Of The UK

Sammy Wilson, one of the ten, ultra-nationalist Democratic Unionist Party MPs expected to vote Theresa May and the Conservative Party back into governance over the United Kingdom, offers this view on those criticising the controversial deal between the two groups:

Thank you very much for your letter regarding the nonsense which has been pumped out by the hysterical liberal secularists in the United Kingdom at the prospect of the DUP working with the Conservative Government in the House of Commons.

We have not risen to the bait of these bigots and all I can say to you is that any influence we have we will be using it for the good of Northern Ireland.

Sammy Wilson MP

Given that the outrage and dismay over the potential backdoor coalition is chiefly emanating from a wide range of public opinion in Britain, at least Wilson implicitly recognises that our neighbour to the east forms the territory of the UK and not its zombie colony on this island.


3 comments on “The DUP’s Greatest Fear? The Liberal Secularists Of The UK

  1. the Phoenix

    Its either Theresa May and the Dupes or Jeremy Corbyn and the moslems. Which is worse? Over last 3 years loyalists have killed what? 5 people? Moslems in Europe have killed closer to 500. DUP hates gays,moslems kill gays. Which is worse?


    • The DUP are worse because they will maintain, strengthen and enforce the partition of my country, and the colonial occupation of part of it, indefinitely. What have Muslims done in a harmful way to Ireland as an island nation, now or in the very recent past?


      • the Phoenix

        Nothing. Only because they are small in number. Muslims are loyal to islam not to any country they live in. Ireland is a small country and could be easily dominated by muslims. Muslims will soon attack Ireland. It is inevitable. Corbyn is a moslem apologist. He will not confront them or restrict them in any way. Corbyn will give Britain and Ireland over to islam. When muslims take over partition will be the least of your worries.


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