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The New Conservative Party And DUP Backdoor Coalition In The UK

So that’s it. Following its electoral humiliation earlier this month the Conservative Party government in the United Kingdom has given in to the demands of the far right, ultra-nationalist Democratic Unionist Party, securing the parliamentary votes of its ten MPs. The DUP leader Arlene Foster and her supporters can now expect a slew of concessions from the Tories as part of their backdoor coalition with prime minister Theresa May. The negative effects of the agreement on inter-communal relations in the UK-administered Six Counties, and between Ireland and Britain in general, is already evident with the recent appearance of British terrorist flags in “mixed” neighbourhoods across Belfast. By aligning itself with the most extreme representatives of the pro-UK separatist or unionist minority on this island, London has put itself in the company of the DUP-supporting terror gangs of the Ulster Defence Association, the Ulster Volunteer Force and the Red Hand Commando. It can no longer feign ignorance or disinterest – or responsibility – for the murderous actions of the gunmen of the UDA in the coming months. As it did during thirty years of the so-called Troubles.

The toxic deal between the Conservatives and Democratic Unionists threatens to undo two decades of relative peace in the north-east Ireland. And for anyone who thinks otherwise, just contemplate what lies ahead in the historically-charged period of July and August. Police officers may pray for rain during street protests but no amount of water is going to quench the dormant fires that Theresa May and the Tories in Britain are now stoking in pursuit of their own selfish interests. We can only hope that wiser counsels prevail and that we are not facing into a long hot summer.


6 comments on “The New Conservative Party And DUP Backdoor Coalition In The UK

  1. Graham Ennis

    Utterly tragic. So after all this, it turns out that the peace process was an utter fraud, that an international treaty signed by the British Government means absolutely nothing, and that once again, we have a de-facto hegemony of the Loyalists, who now have a direct veto over what happens in the North. Since the loyalists have done this, they can never be trusted again, on anything. They have proved, with their own hand, that they are prepared to violate the treaty, the peace process, and everything that goes with it, for their fascist mentality and policies.
    The peace process is now effectively dead.
    What is now to be done? Boycott. utter refusal to involve the Nationalist Community again in what has proved to be a fake peace. No cooperation, no participation, no taking of seats in the so-called assembly, and utter refusal to give any support to the British Government in its actions in the North. Thats it. This is the end. In the meantime, civil disobedience, to make the direct rule regime unworkable. Mass demonstrations, actions, and peaceful opposition to any manifestation of UK rule in the North. Also, it has to be made absolutely clear to the UK government that any attempt by loyalist gangs and marchers to enter Nationalist communities will be resisted, and the consequences of this lie entirely on the UK Government. What a tragedy. Because of a rotten and corrupt British establishment, the spectre of violence once again haunts the North. The only thing left now, is a relentless campaign for reunification.


  2. Maybe they’re doing this on purpose to wind us all up?
    Maybe this is intended to backfire.


  3. An Scríbhneoir Gael-Mheiriceánach

    Meanwhile the Washington Post says that “Europe has an Irish problem” – LOL, it wasn’t Irish people who created the problem…

    The question is, in response to this lurch to the right-wing by the British government and the ascendance of the DUP to power, will there be an equal and opposite reaction by the people of Ireland?


  4. the Phoenix

    Anyone remember when Gordon Brown was talking to DUP about coalition? The biggest mistake Irish people make about British politics is believing there is any fucking difference between tory and Labour. Would be no difference if Corbyn were pm. Corbyn has been shedding every belief and principal he ever had the closer he gets to No.10. Labour is a unionist party. Can’t lead Labour without being a unionist.


  5. the Phoenix

    Good. Pacification process is a fraud. All intelligent people knew that. $inn £€in are sell outs. 20 years ago real republicans called the GFA a cul de sac. They were right. What are stupid shinners going to do? Call a 6 county border poll that they will lose? Morons.


  6. Alan Gordon

    It is small comfort, no doubt, that the Tory party is split in at least two fault lines, Brexit and the deal with the DUP. I thought that PM May had called the snap election because she was told to by the 1922 committee, to avoid a split of the party. I was wrong it appears the brexiteers had advised her to call the election. Presumably they felt that the EU exit was starting to look more like a revolving door with Tory retainers gaining ground. By going so completely with the brexiteers and loosing the majority May has now fully burned her bridges. Watch the manoeuvres of Ruth Davidson, she has a lot to play for. I reckon she sees herself as the person to re-energise the fortunes of the Tories in Westminster. Indeed I think she may have been told/promised this. There are issues regarding brexit and Scotland that she and Mundell have put a verbal line in the sand. To protect Scottish Tory votes they could revolt around issues of budget, Barnet, fish and farming. This would neutralise support from the DUP. Ireland is a worry and the inept actions of this Westminster government does nothing to reassure.


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