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Optimistic Nihilism

From Kurzgesagt, a German-based YouTube channel and design studio with an interesting take on science and culture, a short introduction to their philosophy and the universe as we know it.

5 comments on “Optimistic Nihilism

  1. What an awful video. I hope you posted it in the spirit of satire. The smug English voice talking a load of crap about the universe. Funny how he didn’t mention the other things in human life such as war, conflict, racism, hate, loneliness, despair, poverty, illness, cancer etc etc. And ‘build a galactic human empire’….really? I’d sooner watch a compilation of the best Orange Order Marches than subject myself to any more of this crap.


    • LOL! Well, it was pegged as “optimistic”. Ok, I don’t agree with kicking cats and the whole anything you do doesn’t matter (morality-wise) if this is your one and only trip around but I thought it interesting. There are other videos, on Nuclear power for instance, that are worth a watch.


    • ar an sliabh

      Optimistic Nihilism is a good title for this. It makes as much sense as the philosophy. If nothing has value, and moral concepts, societal constraints, and general civility do not apply for their insignificance in the grand scheme of the universe (nihilism), there really isn’t anything to be optimistic about, now is there? Do what makes you happy even if it is kicking a cat? Sounds Sociopathic to me. Hey, its almost like the thought process of the average millennial. For us, it means more old people bludgeoned to death for a couple of Euros. The total absolution from responsibility, and all of it presented in hippie-style “psychedelic” graphics – pathetic. It is interesting and it is eye-opening, Certainly good to know. In 1900, there was a Russian movement that pushed a similar agenda.


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