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Fanmade YouTube Series, Star Trek Continues, Reaches Its Conclusion With Final Episode

In a previous article I mentioned my fondness for the fanmade sci-fi series, Star Trek Continues, which came to an end on Monday with the publication on YouTube of its last ever episode, “To Boldly Go: Part II”. I have to admit that I was impressed by the nearly hour-long conclusion to the story began back in mid-October, especially the stylistic nods towards the 1979 cinematic release, Star Trek: the Motion Picture. I honestly didn’t believe that I had that much adolescent Trekkie still left in me but I was proven wrong. Despite my habitual cynicism, I actually found the last ten minutes of the episode, the 11th in the supposed “lost” 4th season of the original three-series 1960s’ show, quite touching. Seriously, what is wrong with me? Is it simply a feeling of nostalgia, the same emotion derived from watching the deliberately Spielbergian Stranger Things on Netflix?

Whatever the case the last episode in the Star Trek Continues series can be watched below along with some background information about the fan-produced show from the main star and jack-of-all-trades, Vic Mignogna.

6 comments on “Fanmade YouTube Series, Star Trek Continues, Reaches Its Conclusion With Final Episode

  1. I’m always amazed at how good and well put together these series and others like them are. It’s odd, but this completely captures the spirit of TOS. As you say, it’s kind of affecting.


    • Yep, indeed. I was oddly moved by that last episode, for all its flaws in acting, dialogue and so on. But then, those flaws were probably there in the real thing too. We just didn’t see it with all the nostalgic glow around the Original Star Trek show.

      I was watching some old episodes of the US sit-com, Cheers, the other night. I remember loving it as a child, even if some of it went over my head. Now, some of the characters and story-lines seem problematic, at best. The character of Sam Malone is pretty poor, at this vantage point, despite some redeeming qualities. The attitudes to women. Oi vey!


      • Well, whatever else it was a different time. Though Sam was a caricature. Who’d have guessed it was Frasier who’d be the breakout character?

        Just on STC, I’ve been looking through the rest. Seriously impressive.


        • Have you watched Future Man yet? It’s a comedy from Hulu very much in the nostalgia vein of Stranger Things, but silly fun. The US critics seem to have given it a pasting but I enjoyed all the 1980s’ movie references.


  2. I was sad to hear that Star Trek Continues was concluding. I had been so happy to see this skillful homage to the original series, and watched the episodes as they were released.
    I know Vic was the main force behind it, and how much this project meant to him, so my lingering question is, “WHY are they ending it?”
    My hope is that better career opportunities have arisen.


    • For all my criticisms, I very much enjoyed the YouTube show. And I’m genuinely sorry to see it go. The main obstacle to further productions seems to be some recent court cases on the Star Trek copyright. This has made not-for-profit fan-made shows legally dubious. That has caused the team behind STC to throw in the towel. At least for now.


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