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WTF Podcast: Marc Maron And Louis CK In 2010

In retrospect, this nearly two hour discussion between the stand-up comedians Marc Maron and Louis CK is incredibly revealing of the latter’s personality quirks. The two comics were estranged friends before Maron persuaded CK to sit down for a freewheeling chat on his successful WTF audio podcast, and this is widely seen as the moment when the pair fully reconciled their differences. The 2010 interview, originally released in two parts, is now regarded as one of the best pieces in podcasting history. It certainly makes for some interesting listening in light of the recent scandal involving the star of the eponymous television show, Louie. The end clips include a more recent meeting between the pair.


3 comments on “WTF Podcast: Marc Maron And Louis CK In 2010

  1. ar an sliabh

    “Personality quirks”? WTF?

    • Well, you know what I mean. In the context of the interviews (no longer available!) they were quirks. At best. Now of course, it makes it obvious that the evidence of abusive behaviour was right there out in the open.

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