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Spokesperson Offers Paranoid Defence Of Trump-Backed Roy Moore

Taking a step away from the insanity that is Brexit politics in the United Kingdom, let us dip a toe into the madness that is Trumpian politics in the United States. Here is Janet Porter, a spokesperson for US senate candidate Roy Moore, being interviewed by Poppy Harlow on CNN. In recent weeks the former Alabama lawyer and judge, with a long history of controversies behind him, has become embroiled in a scandal over his middle-aged predilection for relationships of one sort or another with teenage girls. Relationships which seem to have shaded over into serial paedophilia, apparently explained away by reference to dubious Old Testament precedents. Porter defends the Republican Party nominee with some dubious arguments of her own, ranging from the “killing” of unborn babies to conspiracy theories about liberal cabals seeking to undermine god and country. Indeed, to bring things closer to home again, it’s the sort of rhetoric Irish audiences will be familiar with from representatives of the Democratic Unionist Party or their even more militant rivals in the Traditional Unionist Voice. A sort of repetitive denial of reality; that by saying something is so, over and over again, it becomes so. Much like the DUP boasting of its opposition to British separatist terrorism in Ireland while standing shoulder-to-shoulder with known pro-union terrorists during press conferences and meetings. Or vociferously claiming to oppose a “hard border” around the Six Counties while also opposing every option which would ensure that a militarised frontier does not come about.

Ooops! Back to the Brexit craziness…

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