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Turkish Military Helicopter Dodges Kurdish ATGW Missile Attack

A very narrow escape for a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter during recent border clashes between the interventionist Turkish military and Kurdish fighters of the US-allied People’s Protection Units or YPG, the insurgent wing of the Democratic Union Party or PYD. The violence proceeded Turkey’s ongoing bombardment of the Afrin Canton in north-western Syria, giving support to Ankara-backed militias as they crossed into the Kurd-held region.

6 comments on “Turkish Military Helicopter Dodges Kurdish ATGW Missile Attack

  1. There cannot be an independent Kurdistan, it messes up The Map.

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  2. The YPG are fxxked. That’s what they get for siding with warmongers such as the US and UK. Ironically Turkey seems to be holding out the ‘olive branch’ to Russia, Syria etc. Erdogan knows to be on the winning side.


    • Him and Assad. And Iran. Not the best company to be in.


      • Says who? Are the US/UK better company to be in? You need to take the blinkers off. All those two nations have brought is misery…..albeit it’s normally wrought upon ‘rag heads’ and black people but it’s misery nonetheless.
        Btw, I am surprised that you who has made irish history the primary theme of your blog and inevitably as a result of that, will highlight the UK for its lies and deceit here in Ireland but when it comes to foreign lands you seem to readily accept the narrative that comes from the said liars and deceivers?


        • Yes, but where would you rather live? The US or UK, or the Islamic Republic of Iran? For all their faults – and they are many – those two countries are still liberal, secular democracies (more or less). Their foreign policies, especially that of the US, are pretty deplorable in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. We can rightly call the US out for that and question what real difference exists between US meddling in, for example, Syria and Iran doing the same. Both are pursuing selfish, geo-political strategies.

          Of course, given that Iran – like the Russian Federation – is regarded in the “West” in very unfavourable terms, this should make Irish republicans hesitant in the extreme about any association with it. Perception is everything in the information war.


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