Dr Who Review, A History Of The Show

I’m not a huge devotee of the long-running British television science-fiction series, Doctor Who, but I have great degree of fondness for the show. It was a regular part of my childhood viewing and I still retain an interest in the programme, its history and off-camera stories. So this collection of DW reviews written and presented by Richard D. Carrier, published on YouTube by Clever Dick Films, are well worth a watch. The best one, to my mind, is the episode examining the era of the Fourth Doctor, the larger-than-life Tom Baker (and, for too short a period, the late Mary Tamm as his Time Lord companion, Romana)



  1. One can judge a chap’s age by whom he had a crush on. Mary Tamm, Estonian by way of England was indeed fine. I liked Who until it became all weird with black lesbians and suchlike. I remain, Yours Outraged, Gen Sir Ciaran J Goggins-O’Brien-Cafferty-MacDermott-MacMahon-Reilly-Ward, V.C and bar.

    1. Ah, Mary Tamm was something special. I had no idea about the Estonian ancestry. Now I know where to look for the next Bean Uí Shionnaigh. Though I don’t think I’ve ever met an Estonian girl. Lithuanians and Latvians by the planeload.

      1. I dated an ethnic Estonian briefly, mad as a box of frogs (in a bad way). Higher living standards so fewer emigrate, they brought in a language exam which was difficult even for Estonian speakers, 99% Russians failed. An ablative tense, who the **** has an ablative tense? Tamm = Oak, like Smith in England, all the surnames are nature related (or those of German landowners). Opik = nightingale.

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