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DUP Claims Of Bomb Attack On Ex-PSNI Officer Prove False

The United Kingdom’s determination to end its membership of the European Union has placed a large question mark over the country’s continued territorial presence on this side of the Irish Sea. The future direction of the last remnant of the historical British colony on the island of Ireland, at least as we have known it since the Good Friday Agreement of 1998, now hangs in the balance. With the vast majority of Irish political parties and elected politicians opposing any inadvertent strengthening of the border around the Six Counties, let alone accepting the Partition 2.0 desired by much of the Democratic Unionist Party, the time for militant action is over. The pro-union argument in the north-east of the country and in Britain is busily consuming itself, driven mad by the self-harming urges of the Brexit condition. The British are destroying their own Irish occupation, so it is crucial that they are given no opportunity, no cover to revert to the “security” justifications of old.

This morning’s reports of an assassination attempt on a former officer of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the UK paramilitary force in the disputed region, have proven to be incorrect. Thankfully it seems to have a been an accident and the individual concerned is unhurt. But the earlier lack of proof did not stop Arlene Foster and the DUP, or their allies in London, leaping on the incident in the hope of exploiting it. At a time when partition may be effectively erased through the mechanism of Brexit in the United Kingdom and regulatory alignment in Ireland, it is crucial that no acts of violence emerge from Irish republicanism. Revolutionaries know their politics. They know how to read the political omens in the sky and to turn such matters to their advantage. They are tacticians and strategists, propagandists of the deed. And they should know when the moment is right for armed struggle and when that moment has passed.

11 comments on “DUP Claims Of Bomb Attack On Ex-PSNI Officer Prove False

  1. Des Hanrahan

    Well the remnants of violent republicanism aren’t the brightest. There is also the possibility of false flag incidents.


    • True but I’m more worried about an intentional action by NIRA or suchlike. Aside from the tragic loss of life, could you imagine the reaction to the death of a former PSNI woman in such circumstances? The DUP and UK would hammer the Irish government with the slaying in every public spat. It would undermine the efforts of Dublin and Brussels to wring a fair deal out of London. Instead of holding the high moral ground Irish nationalism – at its broadest – would be flung into the mud. And the usual suspects in the Irish press, the alt-unionists and Brit-apologists, would have a field-day. Christ, talk about a nightmare scenario.


  2. Seán Mac Ḃloscaıḋ

    Never let a good crisis go to waste…


  3. Have you considered the scenario where the Brits do nothing regarding the border, so Dublin is obliged to set up it’s own border posts by the EU?

    Either that or beg Brussels for permission to go along with whatever the UK does regarding customs and duties. The Irish state has never made any real effort to complete the ‘liberation’ of Ireland, leaving it all to the ‘amateurs’, so why not bow to Britain once again?


    • WTO regulations require the UK to impose border/customs checks on its international frontiers. Unless the UK opts out of the WTO this cannot be avoided. And if the UK opts out it cannot trade in any effective manner internationally. Between a rock and a hard place of its own devising.

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    • William Davidson

      Yes, let’s encourage the Irish state to invade N.I. and complete the liberation, lets face it the amateurs just didn’t kill or maim enough people. We were deprived of a real civil was between 1970 and 1996, so let’s have one now. (Heavy irony)


  4. Oh dear. How sad.


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