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The Noxious Beliefs Of The Hardcore Anti-Abortion Lobby In Ireland

Lift up a particular rock in Irish politics and what do you find crawling and squirming underneath but a swarm of biting and stinging things, a pestilence of busybodies who believe that a woman’s body is a communal possession over which all members of the society must have a say. The hypocritical womb-obsessives of the evangelical right in Ireland devote their time and energy to protecting the phantasmal lives of the theoretical or the mere cellular while ignoring or leaving to free market forces the lives of the birthed, shedding all interest when life potential becomes life actual. This lack of empathy, this absence of rational thought and reason allows such individuals and groups to expound views that are both repugnant and inane.

From the Journal:

‘Abortion is a licence to kill’- Save the 8th launches its referendum campaign

THE MAIN CAMPAIGN group advocating a No vote in the upcoming Eighth Amendment referendum launched its campaign in Dublin today.

The event in the Gresham Hotel heard from a number of speakers who questioned the medical basis for repeal and described abortion as “a licence to kill”.

From the Irish Times:

Victims of rape and incest should carry babies to full term, say campaigners

Women who are the victim of rape and incest should carry the baby to full term, according to the Save the 8th campaign.

From the Irish Independent:

Doctor: using brain-dead woman as incubator was noble

The case of a clinically dead Irish woman whose body was used to artificially incubate a 16-week-old foetus has been described as “noble” by a leading speaker at the ‘Save the Eighth’ campaign launch.

From Buzzfeed:

Ireland Is Holding A Referendum On Abortion, And Misinformation Is Already Being Spread On Facebook

Several posts, including paid-for ads making false claims about abortion, have begun to appear in people’s feeds – and there’s not much Facebook can do about it.

From Media Matters:

Will anti-abortion groups follow Cambridge Analytica’s blueprint in Ireland’s abortion referendum?

Irish Times op-ed warns “it would be naive to think” that the same strategies that “helped both Donald Trump and Brexit to victory” won’t be deployed by anti-abortion groups

Since many of those who are lobbying on behalf of the anti-choice side in the forthcoming referendum on the 8th Amendment of Bunreacht na hÉireann are fundamentalist devotees of the supernatural, do they ever wonder how they will explain their toxic actions to their supposed celestial maker?

9 comments on “The Noxious Beliefs Of The Hardcore Anti-Abortion Lobby In Ireland

  1. “The hypocritical womb-obsessives of the evangelical right in Ireland devote their time and energy to protecting the phantasmal lives of the theoretical or the mere cellular while ignoring or leaving to free market forces the lives of the birthed, shedding all interest when life potential becomes life actual.”

    When this debate was originally had in England choice meant supporting women who didn’t want to be pregnant and also supporting women who did. There excellent housing and social supports for single parents didn’t come out of nowhere.

    I don’t hear a defense of couples or single parents who want to go through with a pregnancy but face economic impediment. So a plague on both your houses in that regard.

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    • Jams O'Donnell

      Why would anyone ‘want to go through with a pregnancy’ if they knew that they would be unable to provide properly for their child? It’s not as if there were a shortage of people in the world – in fact the earth is groaning under the burden of providing food for this mass of people, Animals are going extinct, fish stocks driven to unviable numbers. There is no such thing as a “Right” to have a child. So a plague on your house in that regard.


      • The only place on the planet in recent history people did not have a right to a child was in China under the One child policy. Everywhere else on the planet it would be seen as going to far someone other than the mother preventing a pregnancy going full term.

        Some human beings, even poor ones in the right circumstances can have instinctive feelings to reproduce.

        It can be difficult to explain an emotion to a narcissistic mind. while material conditions can form the basis of a rational for a particular choice, for non narcissists who are also subject to material conditions, the actual outcome of that rational can still conflict with preferred outcome causing pain.


    • Yes, I think by emphasising the ‘choice’ element, and the need to support those women who genuinely want to follow through with their pregnancy, you make a very strong point. I sincerely hope that you and those like you succeed in bringing the focus of this debate back where it really belongs. Good luck!


    • Alan Gordon

      “excellent housing and social supports for single parents”, really? I refer you to Peter Lilly and “I have a little list, and on that list – – -single mothers, etc”, it was sung to a Gilbert and Sullivan tune. Same crowd same agenda in power today.


  2. Ah Sionnach, I’m really disappointed to see you using such derogatory language about people who believe that abortion is about killing unborn babies rather than whatever the pro choice people believe. Nothing is black and white and even though we may have different views, I really don’t think it’s helpful to the debate start the name calling.


    • Okay. So this is where I’ll perhaps a express degree of contrition for my intemperate language. I’m usually somewhat more measured. However the piece was very much aimed at the organised, religiously-fueled Christian right which has come to dominate the hard core of the anti-choice movement in Ireland. These people, I’m sorry to say, are extremists. They couch their words in deceitful and at times knowingly false language. They make fake claims, use fake statistics, and do so knowing the hurt and pain they will inflict. I myself have been on the end of legal threats from them for things I have published here. Threats made in the most sneering and intimadatory language.

      Enough is enough. I can debate the issue of abortion with anyone of a reasonable frame of mind. But when debating with people who believe that a woman who engages in an abortion is a murderer? That women should be prevented from travelling for abortion? Or that we should just continue with present system of outsourcing it to the UK and the Netherlands?

      I think not.

      It is no coincidence that some of the most vociferous anti-abortion activists in Ireland are also are allies of the country’s would-be far right. Not to mention the Irexit fringe. That is not some casual or untrue defamation. I have followed the political shenanigans of the organised pro-life groupings for many years, one in particular, and I can assure you that these are the same people who also rally around anti-immigrant and racist causes. The cross-over figures are well known.

      Again, not to tar the majority of pro-life individuals who struggle with the issue with the same brush. But the ones at the forefront, in the public eye and hidden from it, are a deeply unsavoury crew.


      • Fair enough Sionnach, I’ve had my own run ins with right wingers – and I didn’t like it. I have to say though, in my experience, some of the pro choice people are a scary bunch too.


        • No bother. I haven’t had any bad experiences with pro-choice activists myself. Admittedly I’m in sympathy with the cause, but I’ve never come across the fabled full-term abortion advocates or even close to it. Most fall into the 12 week+/- area.

          I’m pondering whether to publish a write-up on the hard-right links of the anti-choice lobby. I have something drafted but I will probably have to run it by a solicitor friend first. She read a previous example, a few years ago, and advised against it given the vexatious legal attention it would draw from the “pro-life” groups and individuals concerned. The claims can be substantiated but the initial costs to defend them in court would be enormous. Even firing off a few legal missives in response to (empty) legal threats is quite expensive. As I have found out since writing ASF.


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