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Video, PSNI Armoured Jeeps Attacked In Derry During Another Aggressive Intervention

Following Sunday’s attempt by the PSNI, Britain’s armed police force in the north-east of Ireland, to prevent an Irish republican parade in Lurgan, today’s focus has moved to Derry. Inevitably violence has resulted from attempts by officers in armoured jeeps to block an unauthorised but well-attended gathering in the city, organised by the 1916 Commemoration Committee (associated with the political party, Saoradh). Petrol-bombs and stones were hurled at the vehicles in the Creggan Estate until they beat a hasty retreat, allowing the demonstration to proceed to the revolutionary plot in the City Cemetery, where another series of clashes took place. The governments in London and Dublin need to close down these confrontational interventions by the supposedly reformed police before things get seriously out of hand. At a time when official relations between both island nations are at an absolute nadir, thanks to Brexit and the DUP-caused collapse of the power-sharing executive and cross-community assembly at Stormont, these incidences are the last thing we need. No matter how much it pleases the belligerent representatives of the Democratic Unionist and Ulster Unionist parties

(Original video clips via Twitter and @ConnlaYoung and @LeonaONeill1)

(Clip above via YouTube and Gerry O’Donnell)

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  1. This, combined with the fiasco of the Paddy Jackson trial has raised smiles.


  2. Well, that was totally predictable. 😦


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