Two Sci-Fi Short Films, Lunatiques and Hyperlight

I haven’t posted any science-fiction or fantasy short films in a while so here are a couple of nice examples. First up is the fourteen minute Lunatiques from the Brazilian writer-director Gabriel Kalim Mucci. It is a slowly paced adventure with some arresting visuals, charting the dangerous trip of a solitary woman through the skeletal remains of a near-abandoned city. Despite its familiar post-apocalyptic setting and occasional off-tempo beats, it is surprisingly well done on what was undoubtedly quite a limited budget.

In contrast, Nguyen-Anh Nguyen’s seventeen minute Hyperlight obviously benefits from more money and resources, with some good special-effects serving an okay story with a rather obvious twist at the end. The acting is good, which is not always the case with short films, making it well worth a look.


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