Lindsay Ellis On The Hobbit Trilogy Of Movies, More Jackson Than Tolkien

Here is a nice series of retrospective, if occasionally discursive, videos from the geek pop-culture commentator Lindsay Ellis examining the legacy of Peter Jackson’s bloated trilogy of movies inspired by JRR Tolkien’s rather slim 1937 children’s book, The Hobbit. I don’t agree with every point the YouTuber makes but there are quite a few facts in these features that I was unaware of, though I’m not terribly surprised. The cinematic dramatization of Tolkien’s initially unplanned introduction to the imaginative world of Middle-earth was a grotesque CGI spectacular, crammed with extraneous clutter, and a huge disappointment. Ellis details just how much worse it was behind the cameras for all involved. Bar the money-men at the studios.


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  1. Jackson was a perfectionist and how! I happened to share office space with the guy doing the artwork for the DVD releases for LoTR and for months on end, every Monday morning everything would change – the boxes, booklets, DVD menus, everything. For each release. It was odd that a single guy working out of a harbour side warehouse in Sausalito, CA did it all. And with the patience of a saint. In the end it all came together beautifully and was probably worth it for the fans.

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