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Boris Johnson Caught On Tape Making False Claims About The Irish-UK Border

Boris Johnson, the United Kingdom’s wayward Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, has a well-earned reputation for professional deceit and duplicity, carried over from his previous career as one of the UK’s “…greatest exponents of fake journalism”. His habit of making the facts suit his prejudices – or ambitions – can be seen in this Buzzfeed exclusive, detailing the minister’s remarks at a private gathering of the hard-right Conservative Way Forward group, held last Wednesday at the Institute of Directors in London.

Of particular note for Irish readers is this snippet:

[Boris Johnson] …said the debate about solutions to the Northern Irish border had been blown completely out of proportion.

“It’s so small and there are so few firms that actually use that border regularly, it’s just beyond belief that we’re allowing the tail to wag the dog in this way. We’re allowing the whole of our agenda to be dictated by this folly.”

The Conservative Party MP’s dismissal of cross-border business traffic is completely disingenuous. According to data from Transport Infrastructure Ireland, the public agency responsible for national road and public transport networks, an average of some 6,500 HGVs pass over the invisible frontier around Britain’s anomalous territory in the north-east of Ireland every single day. That is a huge volume of registered commercial movement by road and quite separate from the daily passage of goods and materials by people privately transporting items north and south.

Unfortunately the claim is typical of the wilful ignorance and dishonesty which characterises much of the supremacist Brexit camp in the UK. And which may make any fair and equitable withdrawal deal with the European Union and Ireland an impossibility.

11 comments on “Boris Johnson Caught On Tape Making False Claims About The Irish-UK Border

  1. Really wish he’d get mauled by a pack of hungry wolves. I am not being figurative. He is an embarrassment, a total f#%k wit. I am sorry.


  2. Thanks for this ASF. The two links you given at the start of this post really show up BJ for what he is. I’d recommend them to anyone reading this from the UK, the man is a menace plain and simple. Were he in farce he’d be lots of fun, but he should never ever have come anywhere close to high office of state Make no mistake, Boris is interested in one thing only : Boris.


    • He’s an amazing character. Along with Trump. We live in the age of political mavericks. I wonder is this how people felt in the 1930s, or even the 1910s when Lenin and company were coming to prominence? Though at least in the case of those periods the ideologies were clear, even if factionalised between competing camps. Trumpism and Brexitism are just inexplicable because there is no central vision.


  3. Many think he is a genius behind a fool’s facade. He is a fool behind a fool’s facade. His Daddy got him everything. Typifies why England is going down the drain.


  4. Joe Citizen

    The Brits thought that Enda Kenny would act as the butler to the UK by helping deliver a nice cosy bespoke deal, the reality of the EU hard line has apparently not hit them yet and they are under the illusion that the EU will bend to their will at the last minute . Great to see the boot on the other foot as regards the misery that the empire caused and the Brits no longer that ones in the driving seat.

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