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Milo Yiannopoulos In UKIP? The British Alt-Right Reaches Peak Trolling

Every time I see Milo Yiannopoulos, the posterboy of the hipster alt-right in the United Kingdom and the United States, I’m reminded of the satirical Welsh character of Daffyd Thomas in the British sketch-show Little Britain, and his catchphrase, “The only gay in the village”. Except in the case of the Kent-born polemicist the phrase would be, “The only gay in the fascists”, delivered with an impeccable – if largely affected – upper-class English accent. That comparison sprang to mind once again following press reports that the conservative poseur has joined the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), the country’s small if once influential hard-right grouping. This adds to the list of internet “commentators” from the outer fringes of British politics who have now signed up for Nigel Farage’s former Brexit-enabling project, including such notorious provocateurs and conspiracy theorists as Paul Joseph Watson and Carl Benjamin, better known as the feminist-hating YouTube libertarian, Sargon of Akkad.

Of course, one would have imagined that the jet set Yiannopoulos would have found more congenial company among the digital racists who make up Europe’s burgeoning Identitarian movement, rather than the analogue “fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists” found in UKIP. And more specifically, with the would-be Instagram stars of Generation Identity United Kingdom And Ireland, the alt-right nationalist organisation in Britain which claims this island nation as part of its reactionary “British archipelago”. Perhaps he prefers the parochial to the international? And, our own Democratic Unionist Party aside, you can’t get more parochial than UKIP. Or maybe he’s not the fanatical culture war propagandist that he pretends to be, and like the character of Daffyd Thomas in the BBC television show, the persona is more about seeking egotistical attention than ideological affirmation?

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  1. Read this week’s New Yorker article “How Social Media Trolls Turned UC Berkeley into a Free Speech Circus” and it becomes apparent that he and his US sidekicks not only incite violence, but avidly mine attention from the faceless masses clustered behind their digital gadgetry. I saw this the other day at a pro-choice press conference I attended. Four theocrat Bros shouted their mantras about abortion being murder while they narrated their doings into a iPhone mounted on a selfie stick. The look on the lead theocrat’s face was literally one of enrapturement.
    I think he was seeing millions of faces tilted towards his.

    This “gaze” wasn’t available to their political ancestors like W. Buckley: I have wondered what persona he’d have developed, if he’d had the resource & instant gratification of millions of followers, clicks and likes to egg him on.

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  2. More lies from the shinner supporter in chief… Nazis were socialists not fascists hence their name The National Socialist German Workers Party. The IRA were Nazi supporters as was most of the south of Ireland. Its not complicated you just have to learn truth instead of fiction…


    • If you don’t know the difference between “socialism” and “national socialism” I’m not sure that a politics website is for you. If you find yourself defending people widely associated with the far-right, a left-wing website is definitely not for you.


      • How typical get it wrong and blame the one who corrected you its exactly what Sinn Fein have been doing for years and if Sinn Fein is left wing its the first I or anyone else has heard of their transformation…All socialism is national socialism or that is how it promotes itself if its actually elected it forgets nationalism in favour of low wages, high rents and bankrupt health and education service.
        Don’t try insulting me it only worked once…


        • And I suppose liberal and neoliberal are the same thing? Semantic similarities don’t equate with ideological ones.

          ASF is a progressive republican website with no affiliation to any party or organisation.


          • Calling socialists fascists is not semantics its a very popular lie which began during WW2 and has worked so well for the media and politicians that its only recently been questioned.

            Feel free to repost all those articles you’ve published praising republican parties such as Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. I’ve never read any of them


            • LOL, tis very true Pippakin, I’ve never read any either. ASF(A Sinn Feiner?) is clearly very fond of Mary Lou and co. Seamus is often just the mirror image of many of those he criticises.


              • That’s like criticising The Guardian in Britain for not publishing articles praising the Tories or UKIP.

                FG and FF are not left-wing or centre-left parties.

                Though I note that I did recently point out the incongruity of FG being the political managers of some of the most liberal constitutional reforms in modern Ireland.

                As for SF, check the archives. Plenty of articles criticising SF including a recent one on the failed Stormont deal excluding LGBT rights.


            • No, it’s just a poor political analysis.

              ASF is a left-wing website. FG and FF are right-wing parties. Why would they be praised?


              • Now be a big whatever and admit the oul saying is that Ireland doesn’t need a socialist party as long as it has Fianna Fail…Sinn Fein have never been socialist I doubt they are going to change…


        • Your knowledge on political terminology is truly appalling pippakin …. the Nazis can call themselves socialists…does not mean they did socialist policies or actions … for example. The Nazis banned unions. Under a socialist state, unions are an intrinsic part.

          Please have some humility and realise that we are all ignorant of things…..and Im afraid your ignorance is to do with nuance and context.

          I could tell you I am a hedgehog right now….does that make me a hedgehog?

          Same way the USSR claimed it was communism ….. yet the USSR was a state…a contradiction in terms to stateless communism


          • No, saying you are a hedgehog doesn’t make you a hedgehog but it does confirm you are probably another lying Irish person, lying;s in their DNA…As for the rest? Its not worth answering…


  3. The demise of the potential of the UKIP was ably assisted by the deep state, of which the two party ‘democracy’ system is part of. The very fact that the UKIP will end up the way of the BNP etc is because it was allowed to. I.e the enemy within. It’s a bit like SF and the way it has drove a bus through all that it stood for; the enemy within.


  4. Mr O’Hanrahan has you agitated. Play the ball not the man, I don’t care if he is gay. As to National Socialism (I am fed up of repeating) Hitler added Socialist to the party title to win left wing votes. Why are the Alt Right moon bats? For being fed up at coming second in their own country? My assessment – the far right would be hard pressed to get anywhere in Ireland, just as the far left failed. However plod in England are terrified of them and in the vacuum left after radical Islam imploded they are the best engine for change.


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