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The DUP Nominates Biblical Creationist Nelson McCausland To The Education Authority

In the United Kingdom the Conservative and Unionist Party, to give the mainstream right-wing political group its full title, is effectively in a form of coalition government with the Democratic Unionist Party, the far-right fringe grouping from the UK’s legacy colony on the island of Ireland. And the latter party has just nominated one of its former elected members, Nelson McCausland, a Protestant fundamentalist and Biblical literalist, to a position on the state-funded Education Authority Board in the Six Counties. That’s right. A man who believes in teaching so-called Creationism, of human beings and dinosaurs sharing an antediluvian world only several thousand years old, who opposes Irish, feminist, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights, who is an active member of the anti-Catholic Orange Order, who indeed argues against the very existence of manmade climate change, shall now have a role in the education of children in the north-eastern corner of the island.

This, in the 21st century, is the face of UK politics.

2 comments on “The DUP Nominates Biblical Creationist Nelson McCausland To The Education Authority

  1. Graham Ennis

    I always wondered why orange pols like him were scared of Lough Earne. Its all the dinosaurs in it….lol

  2. Joe Citizen

    He thinks the Flintstones is a documentary

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