Four Full Episodes Of Peter Falk’s Columbo

Having discussed my fondness for the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes, or at least some of the Victorian detective’s better cinematic and TV outings, here is a definite rainy afternoon favourite: Peter Falk’s Columbo. There is a YouTube channel devoted to the police investigator and his rumpled raincoat which features four full-length episodes from the American television show as well as innumerable clips. The four are perhaps not the best in the ten season run on ABC and then – after a long hiatus – NBC but they are still a good way to spend a few hours of chilled out viewing. And hey, it’s Peter Falk with Leonard Nimoy (Spock!), Donald Pleasence (a perennial big and small screen villain in the 1970s) and Robert Culp (a fine actor who, thankfully, seems to have had no part of Bill Cosby’s abhorrent behaviour when the duo worked together early in their careers).

7 comments on “Four Full Episodes Of Peter Falk’s Columbo

  1. He has many fans but I loathe the programme, he only deals with millionaires, so obviously L.A has no slums.


  2. telescoper

    Jack Cassius who starred as the villain in Murder By The Book (the first of the episodes shown) was the father of popstar David Cassidy. That episode was directed by a young Steven Spielberg.


  3. telescoper

    Jack Cassidy I meant. Cursed autocorrect.


  4. TurboFurbo

    One of my all-time favourites – an absolute classic.
    Thanks for posting this and for the episodes – I could never tire of watching Peter Falk as Columbo.


    • Much the same here. There are some great episodes featuring guest actors. Plus, I kinda like that they kept bringing the same “stars” back for different roles. Why not! 😀


  5. I 💘Columbo will watch him over over plus I purchased a box set


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