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The Summer Harvest Hides County Meath’s Newest Neolithic Discovery Once Again

The YouTube channel Mythical Ireland has published a new video of the wheat field near Brú na Bóinne or Newgrange* in County Meath, where this year’s prolonged summer drought revealed extraordinary subsoil traces of a previously unknown Neolithic monument in the area, the earthworks appearing as a ghostly outline in the crops. With the area now harvested the faint signs of the ancient edifice have disappeared, returning to the underworld of the Aos Sí, leaving behind nothing more than the memories of what may have been a once in a lifetime phenomenon. And the knowledge that human beings have been following the same pattern of planting and reaping in this fertile region of north-eastern Leinster, Magh Breá, for the last five thousand years and more.

* While Brú na Bóinne or “Palace (Mansion, Hostel) of the Boyne” is now used to describe the three main surviving Neolithic tombs clustered in the bend of the Rover Boyne, strictly speaking it only applies to the largest one, also known as Sí an Bhrú. This monument is commonly called Newgrange in English, an unrelated Medieval property term in that language. The other two passage graves are Cnóbha and Dhubhadh, anglicised as Knowth and Dowth respectively.

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