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Three Blokes In The Pub Talk A No Deal Brexit

Turning from the ridiculous to the sensible, a rather enjoyable view from the United Kingdom on Brexit and the resultant business implications for the UK and its neighbours. It features Jason Hunter, the well-known international trade negotiator and commentator, and Ciaran Donovan, the famous “White Van man” who took on the Tory Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg during a radio broadcast last May. If you watch until the end you’ll notice the appearance of the ADR regulations governing the transport of goods by road and rail. Along with similar rules for air and sea these stipulations pretty much control the movement of all goods and materials between and within the member states of the United Nations. And which the British authorities will soon have to deal with outside of a European Union framework. And believe me, as someone who is certified in the onerous if entirely necessary DG obligations falling under ADR, IATA and IMDG regulations, that is no small thing.

By the by, a decent vidcast deserves some good lavalier microphones and a couple of cheap pop-out light reflectors. Not to mention a location with a minimum of ambient noise; no matter what the gimmick. The background sounds here spoil what is otherwise an interesting watch.

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  1. They were back the next week (with a substitute for Van Man) so it looks like they’ll be a regular feature 🙂

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  2. paddywack

    Best one this week, Fox news, Denmark has become like Venezuela


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