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A Hard Brexit UK Will Abandon Responsibility For Cross-Border Trade In Ireland

I suspect that most readers will be less than surprised by yesterday’s news that the inept Conservative Party government in London has indicated its willingness to sacrifice the economic stability of the United Kingdom’s colonial outpost on the island of Ireland in the event of a so-called “hard Brexit”. Over the last year the restless region and its delicate post-war peace has become little more than a bargaining chip in the UK’s testy withdrawal talks with the European Union. However, the revelation that Britain is now advising businesses in the Six Counties to look to the government in Dublin for guidance on how to maintain cross-border trade after the UK withdraws from the EU is not just surprising but shocking. How far are the British prepared to sink in order to secure the deal they want?

From the latest official publication in London, Guidance: VAT for businesses if there’s no Brexit deal:

Businesses in Northern Ireland importing and exporting to Ireland

The UK government is clear that in a no deal scenario we must respect our unique relationship with Ireland, with whom we share a land border and who are co-signatories of the Belfast Agreement. The UK government has consistently placed upholding the Agreement and its successors at the heart of our approach. We recognise the basis it has provided for the deep economic and social cooperation on the island of Ireland.

It is the responsibility of the UK government to continue preparations for the full range of potential outcomes, including no deal. In such a scenario, the UK would stand ready to engage constructively to meet our commitments and act in the best interests of the people of Northern Ireland, recognising the very significant challenges that the lack of a UK-EU legal agreement would pose in this unique and highly sensitive context. This would include engagement on arrangements for land border trade. We will provide more information in due course.

The Irish government have indicated they would need to discuss arrangements in the event of no deal with the European Commission and EU member states. We would recommend that, if you trade across the land border, you should consider whether you will need advice from the Irish government about preparations you need to make.

While the UK media is portraying this notification as an example of London piling pressure on Dublin – and Brussels – to cave in to it’s extortionate Brexit demands, an alternative reading suggests a country and government in chaos. And looking to its former partners and neighbours to manage that chaos.

7 comments on “A Hard Brexit UK Will Abandon Responsibility For Cross-Border Trade In Ireland

  1. on HM Government ‘s advice -let Dublin take over the north and how it runs its affairs!


  2. A remarkable abdication of responsibility. And, why ask Dublin rather than Brussels? Is the north to be sacrificed to enable a really hard Brexit? Is Albion being perfidious again?


  3. Graham Ennis

    The border must not be allowed to be established. Mass action to tear up any manifestation of a border, such as check points,, blocked roads, etc. Deliberate crossings with symbolic amounts of taxable and customs dues goods, at border control points, and refusal to pay duties, and confrontations with Northern border Officials in the North. A zero-tolerance protest campaign against the hard border. Border blocking, with protestors, at official crossings, and much else. A campaign organization against the border. If enough people do this, the border becomes unenforceable. The Dublin government needs to be put under very hard pressure on this. No compromises, or border agreements. Comments welcome. Discussion please.


  4. Ageofstupid

    Well , FG was always obliging to the Brits, even offered to shoot H-Block hunger- strikers demonstrators if they had broken into the British embassy in July 18, 1981, they would have faced nearly 200 Irish soldiers ready to obey, I expect them to sell out the Irish people again under the excuse of national interest


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