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Donald Trump: “They Weren’t Laughing At Me, They Were Laughing With Me”

Yet another solo press conference from the man with the “…very, very large ah-brain“, this time following his extraordinary address to the United Nations’ General Assembly in New York City. Watching the whole event one is struck once again by the surreal nature of the current American presidency. And why we should tread warily in our own forthcoming presidential election given some of the debatable types hoping to take up residence in Áras an Uachtaráin.

7 comments on “Donald Trump: “They Weren’t Laughing At Me, They Were Laughing With Me”

  1. It’s amazing, he’s the spit, in mannerisms, of a boss I had in the 90s. Same jargon, odd sense of humour, bragging etc. It makes him weirdly familiar in a way. Though my boss owned engineering, lighting and electrical distribution outlets, so not perhaps exactly the same.


  2. ar an sliabh

    That made me laugh…. at him.


  3. He’s clearly trolling and all those who oppose/dislike him take the bait every single time. He also said China thinks he has a very very large brain, LOL! It reminds me of when he wrote his own medical assessment, starting with the line ‘to whom my concern’ and then going on to say something like he was the healthiest individual to ever run for President.


    • One thing about Trump. His motivation to run seems to have been boosted (although he talked of and even tried to get nominated a few times earlier) by a time when Obama sort of publicly humiliated him. Basically he was big on trying to prove that Obama wasn’t born a US Citizen and therefore couldn’t be President. (Even if he was born outside the US it wouldn’t have mattered because his mother was a US citizen.)

      Then in 2011 at the White House correspondents dinner Obama sort of made him look like a real horses ass for it, and footage has Trump just losing it. Which seems to have started his plan to run.


    • Trolling or this is just how he is?


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