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UK Ex-Minister David Davis Believes British Pounds Are Accepted Currency In Ireland

Further evidence, if evidence is required, that senior politicians in Britain haven’t a clue about Ireland. Even the bit of it still under British occupation. Here is David Davis, London’s former Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union and an ardent eurosceptic in the governing Conservative Party, discussing the United Kingdom’s controversial frontier on the island with Sky News:

“There is a customs border, there is a judicial border, there’s a currency border. Those borders all operate invisibly…

It doesn’t matter whether you carry a euro or pound, you can buy your drinks in Belfast in euros and y’know, can buy in Dublin with pounds.”

Yep, Davis believes that the euro is acceptable currency in Belfast and that the pound is acceptable currency in Dublin. And for pints, but of course, since he’s talking about the Irish. The condescension and ignorance of the British is just jaw-dropping. However, lest you think that the Tory MP was done with his inanities, he also claimed that the concerns of Ireland and the European Union on the issue of the border around the Six Counties were an “exaggeration” while simultaneously accusing them of “over simplifying” the issue.

Only mad dogs and Englishmen… go out to a Conservative Party conference.

6 comments on “UK Ex-Minister David Davis Believes British Pounds Are Accepted Currency In Ireland

  1. I can tell you one thing: Norn Irish pounds are not acceptable currency in much of Great Britain.

    ‘Yer ‘aving me on’ is a frequent response to passing NI notes over the counter there. Cue a long process of explanation and recourse to Wikpedia, with varying degrees of success.


    • Absolutely. Locally produced sterling in the north is rarely accepted in the UK. As for euros in the 6 Counties, there are some local border businesses that accept the euro, out of necessity, but hardly anywhere else. And this from a British politician claiming familiarity with Ireland!


    • Explain this to me like a six year old. Why does Northern Ireland have types of currency that aren’t used in other parts of the UK NOR the Irish Republic and/or EU?


  2. jacobrichsnob

    34, 000 British troops, 18,000 Para- Military Police and the military wing of the UDA called the UDR,
    yep, the North was just like England


  3. Breandán

    You can pay for the wee Ulsterbus between the Giant’s Causeway and the visitor centre in Euro. It’s €1.20 or £1. Prices in some Antrim petrol stations are shown in both but I’ve never dared proffer Euro.


  4. That’s… disturbing. I doubt many of us are fans of Tories, or those from the Thatcher era but this crew are genuinely the worst in many decades, just at their basic jobs.


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