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Micheál Martin Begs Leo Varadkar Not To Call A General Election

Political desperation. That is the only reasonable explanation for the missive sent by the leader of Fianna Fáil, Micheál Martin, to the Fine Gael leader, Leo Varadkar, asking the Taoiseach to rule out the possibility of a general election in the near future. Given the controversy whirling around the Government following the forced resignation of Denis Naughten, the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, and the ongoing crises in housing, the health service and the administration of policing, FF of old would have been champing at the bit to unseat their Civil War rivals. Instead, Martin’s begging letter reflects how far the Republican Party has fallen since its electoral heyday, a situation made worse by his stagnant leadership.

Dear Leo,

In light of recent developments and as we head into this critical period on Brexit, I think it best if we both state upfront, irrespective of what happens during the Confidence and Supply review process, that we both agree not to bring down the Government.

The Irish people would, I am sure you agree, be rightly concerned at any risk that a general election campaign would have on these talks at such a crucial period and an uncertain post-election situation.

An election during this critical time would create a dangerous instability during a period when the Brexit deal; could be detailed by the constantly changing situation in Westminster.

Of course, this is the same Fianna Fáil which has spent the last year scolding the voters of the country, insisting that Fine Gael’s approach to Brexit is entirely wrongheaded and counterproductive, and that only they have the political skills to sooth the frenzied British lion. Yet, when the opportunity presents itself, it turns out that the Soldiers of Destiny would rather leave the gladiatorial stuff to Leo and the Blueshirts while shouting criticism from the edge of the arena.

4 comments on “Micheál Martin Begs Leo Varadkar Not To Call A General Election

  1. For the life of me, its painfully obvious to me as an American that FF and FG are 2 parties who, in spite of them running the country for the past 100 years, are no different than the American Democrat and Republican parties. They’re all out to screw the people. When will the Irish go for a third option, i.e. SF? They can’t do any worse. Partition, massive emigration, housing crisis, hospital crisis, homelessness, the Irish language, etc. FF and FG have both utterly failed in addressing these problems.


    • Pat murphy

      Mick,you seem to think that adding SF into the mix would solve the problems you allude to. They all exist in the north of my country and the last time I looked SF were jointly running the show. They have proved themselves no better than the rest. They are in no way able to call themselves a Republican Party and are as much a socialist party as the DUP. Sell out party would be a better name. Take a look at the photo of Martin at the top of this piece and ask yourself “would you buy a used car of this man”. Thieves and charlatans the lot of them.


  2. Brilliant photo choice. Did you put in the tiny hand ASF, or is it his own?


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