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Leonard Nimoy Reviews The Magnavox Magnavision DiscoVision Videodisc Player

A cringeworthy performance by the late Leonard Nimoy as he expresses mustachioed* wonder at the Magnavox Magnavision Model 8000 DiscoVision Videodisc Player, a pioneering home theatre system, in this series of futuristic American TV advertisements from 1981. In fact the VH-8000 was a fairly mediocre device, even by the standards of early LaserDisc technology, though it gained a measure of fame as the first machine to make an impression on consumers until it was rapidly eclipsed by later rivals. It’s remarkable to think how far we’ve progressed in terms of domestic video technology since its primitive beginnings, especially with many people now streaming 4K or UHD movies and television shows to various devices from online entertainment services like Netflix or Amazon. Making the use of physical discs seem almost quaint.

*He ain’t no Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck!

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