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Silver Winner, Current Affairs And Politics, Blog Awards Ireland 2018

Just a quick post to note that An Sionnach Fionn won a Silver or second place award in the Current Affairs and Politics category at last night’s ceremony for the Blog Awards Ireland 2018 (which I had forgotten about until I woke up to a congratulatory email this morning). To be honest, I don’t take these things too seriously, the criteria for the selection of finalists always seems a bit odd, but nevertheless, a big thank you to everyone who reads and shares ASF. Any successes are down to your continued support. So… I’m off to work, then a weekend of college study. Oh, the giddy heights of fame.

3 comments on “Silver Winner, Current Affairs And Politics, Blog Awards Ireland 2018

  1. Pól Ó Briain

    Congrats. I saw #bloggies18 on Twitter and was waiting for you to appear. I looked at the winner and that blog had 8 posts in all of 2018. And 2 of them were about the blog awards. You must have 200 in that time. Odd is the word.


    • Thanks! I think I’ve published over 260 articles on politics, culture and history since January. So if productivity was the criterion for winning I’d be a shoe-in. So I presume the eight posts by the Gold winner must be outstanding. Fair play to him/her. It’s hard work whatever your productivity. I’ll look up that blog after work. In any case, it’s just a bit of fun by a PR company. I’m very happy with the Silver! 🙂


  2. You are great. I am better on police corruption in England though;)

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