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Trump To CNN Journalist: “You Are The Enemy Of The People”

Incredible stuff from a chaotic press conference by Donald Trump in the wake of Tuesday’s congressional elections in the United States, with the populist leader labelling the CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta an “enemy of the people”. Following on from the recent attempted terrorist attack on the Atlanta-based cable news channel by a Trump-supporting extremist, the testy exchange indicates the almost Nixonian levels of paranoia and defensiveness gripping the US president. How much longer can this go on?



3 comments on “Trump To CNN Journalist: “You Are The Enemy Of The People”

  1. Patrick J. Logan

    Congratulations to President Trump. It has been a long time since any President was willing to express the American peoples disgust with the medias open support of the leftist democratic party that does not believe in the values of the United States of America. CNN along with much of the media, as demonstrated by those at the Presidents news conference, do not want the President to succeed and do not care about the truth. They create false facts and deny the truth, disrespect the President and the Presidency solely in an attempt to stop the President from proving that the American system and the American people have produced the greatest and most generous nation in the history of the world. President Trump`s success has shown their obvious stupidity. In their ignorance, rather than joining and contributing to the nation`s successes they stick their heads up their asses nurturing themselves on their self idolatry and hatred of President Trump and everything American with but one exception, the American dollar, which thanks to President Trump is of more value today than it ever has been.
    Patrick J. Logan


  2. Whether one likes it or not Trump has done exceedingly well in the mid terms. In spite of the constant crap threw at him the US public still back him. It’s simply pathetic that a chunk of politicians and most media don’t just accept he is President and thus work to improve the USA. Btw, CNN have been well exposed at lying and making up stories. Fact. Also btw, if this ‘monster’ was as bad as they say he is why didn’t he take a leaf out of Obama’s book and simply refuse press passes for certain news networks?


  3. I’ve talked to a lot of people who remember the Nixon era. And they all agree that Trump’s public paranoia is in fact, way worse than Nixon’s.


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