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Éirígí, Independents 4 Change, Mick Wallace and Clare Daly

Éirígí, the small left-wing republican party that seemed all but defunct after the 2014 local elections, has apparently undergone a modest revival in the wake of the myriad campaigns criticising the austerity policies of the Fine Gael-Labour Party coalition government of 2011-2016 and its current FG-led successor. Of these, the mass protests against the imposition of water charges in 2014-16 arguably gave the grouping its most prominent platform. However the relative boost in Éirígí’s profile had little impact on the mainstream electorate. So it’s interesting to see the party’s selection of Brian Leeson, the well-known national Cathaoirleach, as a candidate in Dublin for next year’s local elections in May. Just as noteworthy was the attendance of Mick Wallace TD and Clare Daly TD of the political umbrella grouping, Independents 4 Change, at the announcement by Éirígí. I’ve no idea what relationship exists between the individuals and their respective organisations but this is not the first time that the two TDanna have shown an interest in decidedly republican politics.

6 comments on “Éirígí, Independents 4 Change, Mick Wallace and Clare Daly

  1. Ar an sliabh

    Mick and Clare are joined at the hip… you know that, don’t you, a chara?


    • Sure, and I know they have been involved in several republican-related issues, notably expressing concerns about the dire conditions at Maghaberry Prison (which, of course, is far more than just a republican issue). I was just struck by their presence at an explicitly Éirígí event.


  2. Pat murphy

    With any hope this might bode well into the future for true republicans. Not having to depend on the “republican” party fianna fail or that other outfit shame fein,(the landlord party). These boys could teach the brits a thing or two about selling out.


  3. If it annoys the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara then I am all in favour.


  4. Brendan Davison

    If I were in Ireland I’d probably vote Sinn Fein, but I do hope Brian Leeson does well and wins his election


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