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A No-Deal Brexit For Britain: Chaos, Recession And Armed Border Police

The Brexit debacle in the United Kingdom continues apace, with Philip Hammond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, admitting on Wednesday morning that the UK would be financially worse off under whatever Brexit scenario came to pass, including Theresa May’s draft withdrawal agreement with the European Union. By the afternoon the cross-party Public Account Committee in Westminster was warning of transport bedlam at Britain’s seaports if the country crashed out of the EU. Some time later the Police Federation of Northern Ireland, representing rank-and-file members of the PSNI, the British paramilitary police force in the north-east of Ireland, was urging the Conservative Party government back in London to immediately recruit hundreds of new officers to guard any revived boundary around the disputed Six Counties. Then in the afternoon came the news that the central Bank of England was forecasting a financial collapse for the UK in the event of a chaotic exit from Europe, with the governor Mark Carney predicting a precipitous 8% reduction in the economy. Yet, by all accounts, the House of Commons is still intent on voting against the EU-UK proposals to end the Brexit impasse despite no other deal being possible between Brussels and London. As Longfellow notes, “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad”.

10 comments on “A No-Deal Brexit For Britain: Chaos, Recession And Armed Border Police

  1. ar an sliabh

    Götterdämmerung anois!

  2. And as the late Dr Paisley used to say “there shall be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth,” not to mention plagues of blood, frogs, biting insects, wild animals, boils, locusts and perpetual darkness. Just a few suggestions for Mark Carney’s next intervention. You have to give Mrs May credit, she’s really throwing the kitchen sink at this, with Mr Carney being ritually wheeled out to frighten reluctant Conservative, and even (she hopes) some Labour M.P.s into the “Yes” lobby on 11 December.

    • But Dr Paisley I have no teeth the old lady said. False teeth will be provided, thundered Paisley

    • Or they are accurately predicting the consequences of a no deal exit? I mean, do you really believe that the UK can leave the EU without some sort of substantive, mutually agreeable deal? And with the EU saying, after endless negotiations and false starts, this is it. This is the only deal on offer. What other choice does the UK have but accept this or bail from Europe in chaos?

      London keeps playing who blinks first with Brussels and so far there is precious little sign of the latter losing.

      • Have a look at the likes of Brexit Central, they are crazy enough to think that the wide world awaits them despite the fact their economy is 80% Services and 20% industrial and mostly high end and that China has a virtual monopoly on making goods for all price ranges and wages of an average of 20c an hour

  3. Brits need a big plate of cold reality served up to them. and time to give the DUP the boot and stop this “reaching” out to them

  4. Ara they’ll vote against it and then the Europeans will say, ok black friday is over but it’s cyber monday now so this is your last last chance…
    And then it’ll all start again…

  5. Have the RUC worked out that they may as well paint a giant target on themselves if in Bandit country?

  6. It should be quite clear to most people that the Brit State has carefully created the conditions whereby those of whom want brexit will be shamed into accepting a rejection of it I.e the UKIP has been heavily infiltrated with provocateurs in order to turn away decent brexit folk from supporting UKIP and thus have to make do with the establishment parties(Tories/labour). The genuine brexiteers have no voice. The fake Tommy Robinson story was all part of the plan.

  7. Graham Ennis

    Götterdämmerung! It’s coming!. Que opening scene:
    a winter Northern border, at night, patrolled by armed groups of PSNI in full body armor, with howling savage guard dogs, searchlights, and construction crews working round the clock to assemble and raise the new border fence, (Kindly sold to the UK from the Germans, after they removed and stored it after the collapse of East Germany). stealthy groups cross in the darkness, dragging food sacks from the South, to sell on the Northern black market, at inflated prices. British military occupation forces man the border crossing strongpoints. Fleeing refugees from england try to cross, after a dangerous journey from the mainland. It is the Border Zone, it is 2022. (actually, its an outline of a TV script. Relax.) but actually, some of this Alter-reality might happen. The sealed border, the patrols, the ensuing Irish resistance and a long and protracted low intensity emergency along the 300 mile border. That will go on for decades. If there is a hard BREXIT some of the above is inevitable. The inevitable outbreak of conflict in parts of the North, and all that that entails. How dare they! How dare they!. The Irish government needs to get its act together and prepare for the serious risks of some of this happening. They show no sign, at the moment, of making preparations for any of this.

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