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Caolan Robertson, British Hard-Right Narcissist, In PR Stunt On Sky News

For some inexplicable reason Caolan Robertson, an Irish-born immigrant in Britain who has spent the last few years propagandising against non-white, non-Christian immigrants in his adopted country, has been given a platform by Sky News in London to repackage himself as a repentant former member of the British alt-right movement. A claim which eventually falls apart under some mild questioning by the presenter, Niall Paterson. Don’t be fooled by Robertson’s attempt to soften the edges of his online persona. In recent months we have seen several figures in the populist-right in the United Kingdom and the United States adopt similar tactics to gain access to mainstream media, dissociating themselves from explicit racists while remaining faithful to their overarching cause. This is the same path that the far-right troublemaker turned UKIP activist Tommy Robinson followed some years ago in a strategy initially aided by the gullibility – or culpability – of the press in the UK.

4 comments on “Caolan Robertson, British Hard-Right Narcissist, In PR Stunt On Sky News

  1. Say one thing and do another. It’s an old trick.

    However, the alternative right in England are not just against non Christian, non white immigrants.

    They’re against all immigrants be it Paddy, Jock or an those from mainland Europe. Britain did after all have an Empire, it one the War and in its own mind, it will do so again.

    Britain with it’s alt right that drives so much of Brexit and the current hostile environment, is very real. It is alive and kicking.

    As to Caolan Robertson referred to in this piece, I’d never heard of him. He may have been born in Ireland before migrating to his new homeland, but no loss whatsoever to Ireland I’d say. Quite the reverse and I wonder what passport or passports he carries because in the not too distant future he may find himself an ” immigrant ” in his chosen land.


    • ar an sliabh

      A lot of the right wing, populist, or other such ilk that ASF is able to dig up are, at least far as I can tell, perhaps pushed to occasional 15 minute fame especially in the YouTube world of make-believe, but then quickly “strut and fret their last hours upon the stage just to be [quickly and best] forgotten”. I do appreciate the awareness, however. It has been of help in a few good discussions so far, to show that there are such people even here in Ireland in numbers that should not be ignored.


  2. He is not far right, he is not far wrong either.


  3. Ah yes, attacking the “race” of muslims again… no wait..


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