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Brexit Leader Jacob-Rees Mogg Defends Use Of British Concentration Camps

From 1900 to 1902, during the height of the Second Boer War between the expansionist British Empire and the allied European colonies known as the South African Republic and the Orange Free State, Britain interned over 150,000 civilians in dozens of concentration camps dotted around what was to become modern South Africa. Over the course of two years some 50,000 internees died from disease, malnutrition and physical ill-treatment, over 20,000 of whom were children under the age of sixteen. The details of the United Kingdom’s actions during its “scorched earth” campaigns in southern Africa are rarely discussed in the contemporary UK, which emphasises the “glorious” nature of the country’s imperial past. So this contribution from Jacob-Rees Mogg, the Conservative Party MP and one of the leaders of the Brexit movement in Britain, defending the reputation of the British concentration camps in the first decade of the 20th century is fascinating. As is the audience reaction.


17 comments on “Brexit Leader Jacob-Rees Mogg Defends Use Of British Concentration Camps

  1. Sharon Douglas

    For their protection…..Ahahahahaha! Typical. Magnanimous mother England.

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  2. Mícheál Ó Caoinleáin

    Níl focal agam ar bith…


  3. No surprise. You can find people who will defend Hitler, Stalin, slavery, child brides, Ted Bundy, The Junta of 1970’s Argentina, the mafia, and so much more.


  4. I saw the remains of a concentration camp, just some stones marking the outlines of buildings near Pretoria some years ago, a small sign noted that 1,800 women and children died there from typhus and cholera. Nearer to home,Churchill set up the Black and Tans and the Auxiliaries , it is forgotten that the Black and Tans and the Auxiliaries were assigned to Palestine once their presence in Ireland was no longer deemed necessary and they carried on the same murderous chaos there.


  5. Here is some photographs of the “well feed ” children in the English Concentration camps. South Africa


  6. For their own protection isn’t that the excuse the Nazis used for putting the Jews into camps.


  7. Now you are just being silly, the Afrikaaners hated the natives and you I guess love the Zulus.


    • Thousands of European settlers and Africans died in the British concentration camps. How they viewed each other is irrelevant in this particular context. The British incarcerated 150,000 people, thousands dying in their custody over the course of twenty-four months.


      • The thing about Afrikaaner suffering here: That’s the ultimate proof that oppressed and persecuted people are not in every case, immune to persecuting others.

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        • Seamus Mallon

          Exactly like the Israelis.


          • To some extent. I would say Apartheid was worse than the current situation with Palestine.


            • I’d agree. Israel is practising segregation and legalistic ethnic cleansing via land and property seizures. It is not SA-style apartheid. Not yet.


              • Pat murphy

                Genocide more like.


              • I’d say it’s a case of “Prison-state within a nation”. Segregation, Apartheid, and Ethnic Cleansing are all really poor/misleading descriptions.

                Ethnic Cleansing doesn’t work when the population is actually on the rise. Segregation and Apartheid seems wrong from looking at the situation of Arab Israelis. They clearly face discrimination.However, they aren’t forced by law to use different buses or bus sections, different schools, or different water fountains, or other things that to me would be the hallmarks of full legal segregation.

                There might be a better case for calling it Apartheid if there were no Arab Israelis. Even then the level of government, schools, hospitals found in the West Bank and Gaza strip, while grossly inadequate, vastly exceed what you’d expect in a true Apartheid system-where kids in the “Black” homeland were limited to a 4th grade “culturally appropriate” education.

                With regards to Gaza in particular it’s like a “prison” or a “quarantine” state. That’s not a perfect description, but it seems better than Apartheid, segregation, or ethnic cleansing.


              • On the use of “apartheid”, I’d agree. The comparison with White South Africa c.1940s-1990s is inappropriate. For now, anyway.

                Segregation, though, is probably a better term. Both in the socio-cultural and economic sense. And it applies both in Israel-proper and the Palestinian territories.

                But then you get down to semantics.

                Ethnic-cleansing by legal or quasi-legal property (land) seizure is effectively what is happening in relation to the erosion of Arab ownership within Israel and the Territories.

                Then there is the choking off of Arab/Palestinian communities through the denial of resources, income, etc.

                The problem is that there is no one Israeli campaign or policy at a state or community level to disenfranchise Palestinians (and increasingly the domestic Arab Israeli population) of their rights. There is a multiplicity of campaigns going on, some with government participation, some by private organisations and some by just family groups, to oust Palestinians from their businesses, homes, farms, jobs, schools, and so and so forth.

                Though I’m sure you are aware of all this.

                It’s a sad mess and one with – in my own opinion – and an already established outcome. There will never be a sovereign and independent nation-state of Palestine which includes the West bank. That moment has passed. The cannibalised geography on the ground in the Territories has made that more or less impossible.

                And Israelis will never accept some of the more convoluted two-state confederal/federal solutions.

                At best you might have small “home rule” cantons for the Palestinians, formalised within a Greater Israel.

                The only outlier might be Gaza. Which the Israelis might grant greater autonomy to. But the hope of the West Bank as the homeland of a nation-state Palestine is dead.


              • I’m still skeptical of the idea of a systematic attempt to remove them all from the area- intent is a key criteria for genocide or ethnic cleansing to apply.

                Segregation, at least of the legally sanctioned variety would have to involve laws forbidding Jews and Arabs from sharing multiple public spaces. Such as making it illegal for Jewish and Arab children to attend the same public-or even private-schools, requiring them to use separate buses or transit cars or at least use designated “section”, designated separate movie theaters and libraries either by the whole building or “areas” within. You get the idea.

                In classic de jure segregation you will often see children playing on the street only to be required by law to go to a different school. People hired to work for well-to-do families as gardeners, maids, cooks, nannies, that they would be forbidden from sharing almost any public facility with.

                It seems to me “Quarantine State”, “Prison State” or “Containment” would be the most accurate-especially with Gaza.

                That’s a classic Quarantine State if such a thing has e ER existed.

                As for giving up on a Palestinian State or at least Cantons, I wouldn’t. Saying “the moment has passed” strikes me as ironic when this Jewish Israeli state was resurrected after 1,700 years and several Empires come-and-gone since it fell off the map.

                Also there was a time not long after The Famine when Irish independence was believed to be a case of “game-over”. Ireland was seen as too demoralized, and decimated.

                This is not to suggest a two-state or Confederation would be easy at this point (it would probably require a program to repatriate some 1st generation Sabra and immigrants from countries who did not come fleeing persecution).. Just that it should not be give up on as an option.


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