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The British Press And The Meaning Of The “Hated Irish Backstop”

I strongly suspect that for some news publications in Britain, when it comes to Ireland and the Irish refusal to allow the British Brexit movement to destroy two decades of peace on this island nation, the term “backstop” in the wording below could be easily left out of their reports:

The Sun: “The PM told Cabinet it was not plausible to pursue the so-called Malthouse Compromise pushing for alternative arrangements to the hated Irish backstop…”

The Express: “In a bid to keep Britain close to the bloc, eurocrats will continue to offer Theresa May the opportunity to closely align with Brussels as an ‘off-the-shelf’ getaway from the hated Irish backstop…”

Politics Home: “The other motion that passed was tabled by Tory backbencher Sir Graham Brady and called for the hated Irish backstop…”

The Daily Mail: “…it is understood any extension to the Brexit deadline could be discussed at the Council, though it is seen as being held too late for a breakthrough on the hated Irish backstop.”

The Daily Telegraph: “…you can think of circumstances where an election might be forced following, say, a vote of no confidence where the DUP refused to support the PM because of her hated Irish “backstop”…”

I suppose you could call the above samples the ideological grooming of the British electorate by the country’s right-wing press, since it’s always politically valuable to have something or someone to blame during a time of self-inflicted political turmoil or uncertainty.

11 comments on “The British Press And The Meaning Of The “Hated Irish Backstop”

  1. Sharon E Douglas

    Ah well, as the Paddy Powers advert said….798 more and we’re even.


  2. Honestly they probably need not just an Irish backstop but some sort of French, Spanish, Dutch, and Swedish among others as well.

    How some of these people think they can leave the EU without some accommodation between them and the rest of Europe is idiotic.

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  3. Anna Soubry, Heidi Allen, Sarah Wollaston have QUIT the Conservative Party.


  4. Noel kennedy

    There is an easy way out, sell out the bloody Unionists and accept the justice of Ireland’s position and accept a border in the Irish Sea, that way London can do whatever they like


  5. Pat murphy

    “News publications in Britain”. Gutter rags. Why o why do people read these comics in the first place.


  6. Remember the PIIGS?

    An insulting term coined by British investment bank analysts and embraced by British journalists to cover the sovereign debt crisis for Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain.

    Dog whistle, repetition, contagian.


    • Pat Murphy

      Was also used by people here to describe the vehicles used by some of our not entirely friends in the seventies.


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