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Brexit: Behind Closed Doors. A Masterclass In British Mendacity

The BBC documentary Brexit: Behind Closed Doors is a two-part fly-on-the-wall feature capturing the conversations of Guy Verhofstadt, the Chief Brexit Co-Ordinator in the European Parliament, and his closest advisers as they try to come to grips with the chaotic policy positions adopted by the United Kingdom during its withdrawal talks with the European Union. Episode one follows the early days of the Brexit negotiations as EU officials are astonished by the lack of preparation and planning by their UK opposite numbers, coupled with London’s dismissive feelings towards Brussels’ detailed concerns and worries. This is most obviously displayed in a meeting where British parliamentarians disingenuously attempt to blame Europe for endangering peace in Ireland to the incredulity of Verhofstadt and his team.

Watch it on YouTube while you still can.

7 comments on “Brexit: Behind Closed Doors. A Masterclass In British Mendacity

  1. Jim Ledwith

    excellent insight cannot wait for part 11 tonight



    • Should be good. The British reps waffling on about Britain being a global seafaring nation and all that as a reason why it couldn’t
      be part of Europe, and the incredulous reaction from the Europeans, as if this was a discussion in the 19th century not the 21st, was very revealing of the different mindsets on either side.


  2. Hmmm. I can’t imagine Farage, Johnson et al admitting to heart problems as these European politicians do. I doubt Theresa May would discuss what medications she takes in front of all the boys in her cabinet- just a guess.

    Amazing how noisy The House of Commons is. My guess is that these Europeans see that almost as sort of, I dunno, perhaps like a pack of unruly dogs going after the meat.

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  3. Alan Gordon

    Thanks for the U tube link. Haven’t watched it yet but from what you say it backs up the image that was going around sometime ago, at the start of this sorry tale. It was a photo shoot “one for the album” sort of thing. Big clean shiney table with the EU down one side, papers and files in front of them and the Westminster lot down the other side with bugger all in front, just a row of wee bright eyes and cheery grins.

    The Europeans have cast off the feudal past and work in the present day, England is still steeped in and craves the feudal past, that entitlement, hence the constant mention of “glorious” past deeds, said to try and bolster flagging moral and hold off the reality, from crushing in, that it is gone. Trafalgar, rules the waves, Dunkirk, battle of Britain, 1966 World Cup, these are the utterances, slevered by the drunk in the corner who has just pissed himself. Get a mop, call a taxi or a wheel barrow and get them out of here.

    Cheesed off? Me?

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    • This is an extreme “mean puppy” sort of take on modern Britain.

      Yes, I’m aware William of Orange has a terrible reputation in Ireland, but I’m sure this Dutchman decidedly intends this to be almost entirely about England excluding other portions of the UK and certainly the Irish Republic. I’m guessing he wrote it with tongue-only-somewhat-firmly in cheek.

      I’m honestly not sure what to believe. One friend of mine just returned from a couple months in England. She said that she has never seen seemingly polarization quite like this before. That while the open hostility could obviously be worse, the “unresolvable” nature of this division seemed particularly obdurate. And she’s an African American who grew up in early post-Civil Rights era Louisiana, and has lived in Yugoslavia not too long before it fell apart.


      • Much of the press owned by a billionaire, “the in-your-face binge drinking, the bookies stoking gambling addiction on every high street, the abject but routine neglect of public housing“ “naming dilapidated zones of social housing “estates.“ LOL, sounds like another modern Island nation I know.


      • Alan Gordon

        Thank you for the links Grace. I did reply more fully and posted but don’t know what has happened to it.
        It did go on about falaisgear and brexit fanning the flames etc, so maybe as well it’s disappeared


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