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Mashrou’ Leila: “Cavalry”

“Cavalry” is the name of the lead single from The Beirut School, the latest album by the acclaimed Lebanese indie-band Mashrou’ Leila, and the release is accompanied by a powerful music video that reminds us of the reality of military occupation; and the consequences of a systemic failure in politics and democracy. Something that should be borne in mind when we view the reckless behaviour and outright falsehoods of some Brexit-supporting politicians and leaders in the United Kingdom as they seek to leverage the precarious peace on this island nation for their own selfish ends.

3 comments on “Mashrou’ Leila: “Cavalry”

  1. Jim McGettigan

    If they had been Palestinians the Israelis would have summarily executed them on the spot. These soldiers showed restraint in comparison.


  2. Cavalry or Calvary?


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