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The Right-Wing Tendency Of

Apropos of all the Brexit shenanigans by the governing Conservative Party in the United Kingdom and its transparent attempts to blame Ireland and the rest of the European Union for an imminent no-deal Brexit, as favoured by the now dominant Brexiteer faction in Downing Street and Westminster, here is a question. Why on earth is the Broadsheet, the well-known Irish current affairs and pop-culture group blog, continuing to feature social media posts from supporters of Irexit, the anti-EU campaign sponsored by the Brexit movement in the UK as a sort of Hibernian fifth column? The small team behind the otherwise excellent online publication has had its fingers burned before by flirting with figures on the domestic alt-right scene and it seems that some at least in its ranks can’t resist the urge to do so again. Which raises some suspicions about the political intentions of some contributors at the Broadsheet.

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  1. Surely, Broadsheet should strive to be politically neutral and publish commentary from right across the political spectrum.


    • harlotschurch417151445

      Yes, of course – commentary, but not lies. The ‘balanced ‘ approach is both misleading (there are many positions it doesn’t represent) and also to blame for granting very sinister parties more agency than they need or deserve. In this instance, they are extremely well funded.

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  2. harlotschurch417151445

    I don’t know what’s going on with most (present company excluded of course!) media both mainstream and ‘independent ‘. This Irexit upsurge is so blatantly a disaster-capital project who’s ability to get any support on this island mortally wounds my faith in the iqs of my countryfolk. The emperor Tiberius once remarked to the grovelling Senate when they had just handed him the supreme power ‘ oh, how readily you make yourselves slaves ‘.Great post as usual

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    • As you say it’s so clearly a manipulation by forces who would want to profit from all this. The oddest thing is how transparent it is. I mean these are groups – small one hopes, who simply don’t seem to get that they’re actually chipping away at Irish independence and autonomy and essentially pushing Ireland back into the economic and political orbit of the UK. I’ve no problem with excellent relations between these islands but they have to be on the basis of mutual respect and within broader frameworks.

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  3. I’ve been worried for quite a while, and have mentioned to friends, that many of the ingredients are present in Ireland for Brexit-style exploitation by extreme right-wingers. The housing crisis being chief amongst them. But also the Dublin-centric nature of the economy and of business location. How many Irish people have to travel to Dublin (or emigrate) for work, where they face paying obscenely exorbitant sums of money for accommodation of the most basic kind? If this isn’t sorted, something will eventually give.

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